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This article covers 

1) What is Website Hosting?
2) How to host your Website?
3) What is a Web server?
4) What are the services given by Web Hosting companies?
5) What are the Basic Features of a Web Hosting plan?
6) Additional features of the Web are hosting?
7) India’s top most Web Hosting services?

What is Hosting or Website Hosting?
Website hosting means a personal or company’s website available to public over the internet. To do this, you should rent or we should buy some space on a web server.
A web server is a computer where you rent some space for storing web pages. It serves our own website over throughout the internet.
Web Hosting refers to a service that makes your website available to the users. All the websites can be viewed by anyone on the internet at any time.
There are certain companies who are specialized in Web Hosting and the work can be given to them so that they can concentrate.
A good Hosting company provides basic services like 24/7 support and also FTP access, E-mail accounts, online control panel, management system etc..

Web Hosting simply shown in below figure:

We can also say that Web Hosting service is a business that offers services and all the technologies needed for your website to be seen over the web.

How to Host your Website?

Hosting a website is very easy,
1) Upload the files which you want from your computer to your  Owned Web Host.
2) The host computer makes your site available on the internet.
3) Now the visitors can be able to view your site.

What are web servers?

Web servers are the computers that serve up the  Web pages. Every web The server has an identical IP address and also a registered Domain name.

A web server is a system that consists operating system to be operated and also a  software used for communication.
A web server is also called as “Internet server”.

What are the services given by Web Hosting companies?

The products and services that are required for website hosting are provided by hosting companies, they are a domain name registration, email hosting services, and also SSL certificates etc.
Some provide tools to create your own website without any help of web designers and other developers provided.

What are the Basic Features of a Web Hosting plan?

Here are a list of features that a website hosting provided:
1) Disk space:
    This feature provides such amount of storage to you by providing. You Definitely need disk space to store files, text, images, video, etc. This is measured in megabytes.
2) Bandwidth:
    The amount of data that transferred over a period of time is known as   “Bandwidth”. We already know that if there is more bandwidth that means More speed. If your website has heavier pages with images, videos and all, Then you need more bandwidth.
3) Programming services:
    This website hosting create webpages and also databases like HTML, PHP.
4) Customer service:
    This is one of the main important feature that a web host should have Because if any, technical problem arises for user there should be customer  Support from the owner of the website.

Top most websites as Hosting Raja:

Hostingraja 1

Hosting features include:

Free DNS features:
1) URL Forwarding:
    This allows you to forward your registered domain name already exist  website.
2) Reliable DNS servers:
    This modifies types like TXT, MXE with no extra cost.
3) Email Forwarding:
    This feature forwards your E-mails to other E-mail existing accounts.
Hostingraja 2Free Website Features:
This provides a collection of features that makes domain usage easy. This offers some features like,
1) Advanced Control Panel:
    It changes by simply editing and selecting them to large no. Of multiple domains.
2) Parking Page:
    This is to show to the people that website is coming soon to launch.
3) Nameserver Registration:
    This allows you to create our own servers and this is very useful.

Security features:
This should be the top priority and also it has the several security features to keep the domain safe.

1) Registrar Lock:
    This feature stops unauthorized transfers to another registrar.
    It can be enabled and disabled at anytime you want.
2) Privacy Protection:
    This is to protect contacts details by replacing information on WHOIS.

Hosting Raja includes:

1) Logo design
2) Web design
3) Reseller Hosting
4) Affordable Hosting packages
5) Domain registration
6) FREE Domain, and FREE Hosting

Hostingraja 3
Hosting Raja’s main features and benefits:
Guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

  • Our Linux Hosting plans come with PHP and MySQL Databases.
  • Custom hosting plans, according to the client’s requirements.
  • No Hidden Cost, NO Setup fee & No Extra Payments
  • FREE Control Panel, Database Manager, Add-on/Parked Domain.
  • 24/7 Support in multiple local languages.
  • Free installation and setup of Blog/Business/E-commerce Websites.
  • FREE website builder/Web Email/Email Forwarding.
  • Phone Support & Email/Ticket Support & Chat Support.
  • Tier-4 datacenter with cutting edge technology.
  • Servers secured with 6-phase security.
  • Get free .in domain with all hosting plans.

Web hosting plans and price:

Comparing prices of HOSTING RAJA to other webhosting’s:

HostingRaja Net4India
Monthly cost Rs. 299/- Rs. 439/- Rs. 550/- Rs. 299/- Rs. 320/-
Minimum monthly comitment 6 months 3 months 12 months 12 months 1 month
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Disk space Unlimited 100GB 5GB Unlimited Unlimited
Free windows option Available Available Available Available Available

When compared to other web hosting’s the Hosting Raja is one of the best and cheapest in India.


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  1. Sharon Joseph

    Started a recruitment consultancy and registered with Hosting Raja. With great packages they have a great team too. Good knowledge of the product and very helpful staff. Got the entire process explained so well. Abhi, Kamal and Divya thanks for all the help and support. Keep up the great work. Would recommend this site to all.
    All the best to Hosting Raja.

  2. Mohan

    People at Hosting Raja are very helpful, and I’ve registered at lot of domains and bought
    Hosting from many other companies including GoDaddy, SiteGround, etc. But nobody gave
    such great service. Also when you buy something they offer you some freebies too!

  3. Dhivakar

    I have recently registered my domain name and purchased hosting from HostingRaja. I have never
    suffered any issues till now. The support team is great. The HostingRaja services are quite
    affordable and I think you cannot find any other hosting provider which offers quality
    service at affordable price in India.


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