How Not To Get Lost In Daily Duties and Be Productive?

Today the number of time tracking applications is continuously growing. How to stop counting minutes and start working on personal and collective productivity?

Time Management Apps That Actually Work

Today time management is the top discussed topic in the most offices in the world. Business holders are always thinking about how to optimize time and increase efficiency. Time management applications are not only useful for corporations, but also for freelancers, moms, students and any other type of occupation. It is your digital diary right in a pocket. Before choosing an application, you should define objectives. Corporate planning principally differs from personal.

Time management app

Defining goals

The variety of free time management apps is growing every day. To avoid downloading and testing dozens of different applications, you should define your initial goals. Write the list of criteria in the order of its importance and start your search. The most common features are:

  • Personal or collective use
  • Corporate or private
  • Integration of social network, email, and other services
  • Cloud services

Reporting Rescue time
Best time tracking app for reporting and knowing where to correct your time. Knowledge gives you a reasonable sight of your occupation and how to optimize time efficiently. If your routine is similar day to day, it might be helpful to use the service for one or few weeks and correct your schedule. The app is useful for in-office reporting system. With premium account, which is free for 14 days, you can set alerts and block disruptive websites. For organizations, there is a special version that helps to organize the team.

Timely app

Founded by Mathias Mikkelsen, Timely tracks performance and resolves self-organization needs of freelancers, journalists, and other independent specialists. Timely is most suitable for writers and marketers. It has two principal features: to track what has been done automatically and to manage a team with the option of logging hours. Tracking differs from controlling. The idea of tracking activity will help you avoid the feeling that days are going nowhere as it often happens in freelancing society. Many successful freelancers, e.g. those working for homework assistance website or global freelancing platforms like Upwork, are using it to track productivity.

Time management app

Check without controlling with iDoneThis

Employees of Twitter, Uber, and Foursquare are using iDoneThis to keep track on what the team members are working right now. The idea is to motivate employers to do more because they always keep in mind the evening email. Every team member costs administrator $5 per month. The Google services are adjusted conveniently to ease the usage. The idea of every corporate time management tool is to make an employee control the working day. This sense is trained by corporate means. Once you make the tracking application compulsory, you will miss the point of increasing productivity.

Time management app

Stop procrastination with FocusBooster

FocusBooster is a personal app that helps to concentrate on a single task. When a person feels overwhelmed and therefore exhausted, it is the good reason for testing concentration tools. The Pomodoro technique is a basis of this application. It divides your time for 25 minutes’ periods with 5 minutes rest. After four time periods, a user deserves a longer break. Plenty of other tools are copying same technique due to its effectiveness. You can use it with an old style mechanic tomato-shaped kitchen timer. FocusBooster is a minimalistic and stylish application that helps you track the time of staying focused rather than tasks. There are free and paid versions. For free you are going to recognize the pomade technique, and for $3 you can export your reports.

Clear Todos
It is a simple ad-free tool for iOS. The most exciting feature is adjustable themes and interfaces with is important for aesthetes. You can create a to-do list which appears in your Today view on iOS 8. Clear Todos is simple, not disruptive tracker of everything you need to do this week or today.
It’s perfect for those who prefer to visualize. The idea of seeing all your goals helps to keep them in mind and get everything done. It is very efficient for people who can’t stand incomplete tasks, like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.


Forest is an application for iPhone and Android that has a beautiful visualization. Each task is a tree, which is growing as you are progressing and dying when you neglect it. You can see your personal forest and adjust which tasks need your time and which don’t. People who appreciate the aesthetics will appreciate the idea of planting trees and its implementation. Tracking is no more a headache. Get your trees and observe growing with pleasure. The main principle is Pomodoro technique.

Time management app

Bottom line

Today the world of technology is continuously growing. Don’t spend much time on choosing the best application. There is no research on the tools because the technologies are changing fast. Whether you war to organize yourself or your team, don’t try to Try a few and stop when you feel that it satisfies your needs. If the tracker disrupts you, then it is better to return to an old-fashioned hand-written to-do list.

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