How to choose smartwatch? – A Complete guide

Smartwatches are now finally launched in the market. Many companies are unknown to us who are making smartwatches. We know some brands that are making smartwatches for example, Apple, Samsung etc. But how to choose the best one? That is the question that everyone has at the time of buying smartwatch. There are a number of smartwatches available in the market so here is a guideline that will help you in choosing the best one.

How to choose smartwatch? – A Complete guide

Should be effortless

The best smartwatch is the one that can be handled effortlessly, that provide you the right features, and that works without making too many rings or bells. Many devices are there skewed towards certain types of people, which means whatever type you have, you will get a perfectly suitable device. At the time of choosing the smartwatch you must have a loot it its size. Mostly gadget lovers are people who are slim and so a slim smartwatch would be better. It must be effortless to use. That means the operation and all must be neat and clear. Though smartwatches are a bit costly, but you can Snapdeal coupon code in order to get the discount.

Today, most of the smartwatches that are available in the market acts as an accessory which is connected to the phone. So you must have a phone that supports smartwatch without any fuzz. If you have an Android phone then you must but the smartwatch that supports an android phone and if you have an iPhone then you must but the watch that supports iphone.

Android Wear watches:- these smartwatches are made to use with Android phones in the past, but google has now added iPhone compatibility with the OS and that means future Android phones will be able to support smartwatches made by apple. So if you have an Android smartphone, then you can go for the smartwatch launched by apple. But keep one thing in mind that these compatibility feature is available for a limited number of devices only. You can try using Snapdeal coupons in order to get some discount while purchasing the one.

How to choose smartwatch? – A Complete guide

Which all apps it can run?

In most cases smartwatches are made in order to run in pairs with a smartphone. It is also provided with app store that will enable to use its core features in the same way as smartphones. Apple has got more than 8500 apps which are way beyond android smartwatch. Apps of smartwatches is just like an extension of smartphone apps and hence it is too easy for the developers to make such apps. Now, since the watchos2 has got support from native apps, they will be more stable and will have quality.

Samsung smartwatch which is named as tizen has got around 1000 apps to date. On the other hand pebble watches has got a number of apps which are developed by enthusiastic developers, but they lack the quality as apple is giving. Smartwatches are getting good exposure and great support from the developers, but they are lacking the innovation and quality in the same way as it was android smartohone earlier.

So go ahead and try your smartwatch that will help you with lots and lots of ways and will surely make you proud among your colleagues and friends.

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