How to Create Wi-Fi Direct Hotspots on Laptops using Airdroid

The growth in Wireless communication technology is massive. In future all electronic devices will be charged wirelessly without connecting to any plugs. It’s true! We all know about Wi-Fi, which may be found in all smart phones. Wi-Fi is used to share data or to connect to internet wirelessly. Electronic devices can be connected with other devices by creating Wi-Fi hotspots. As I said before, Wi-Fi technology is enabled in all major gadgets from Mobile phones to Television, it includes Laptops also.
How to Create Wi-Fi Hotspots on Laptops using Airdroid
In Android mobiles for sharing files with another device you will use Wi-Fi direct. By creating this connection you can share big files easily that too wirelessly. Likewise, if you like to share files with your laptops wirelessly without using any cables then you can do so! Here this article will guide you to create your own Wi-Fi Direct on your Laptop. By using this connection you can backup all applications, files, etc So, here the tutorial starts,

How to Create Wi-Fi Direct Hotspots on Laptops

Step 1: First of all, download and install Airdroid on your Android mobile.
Step 2: Run Airdroid on your mobile and Signup with Google or Facebook.
Step 3: After signing in, you will be given separate IP address for creating new connection.
Step 4: Then go to that IP address using web browser. Now you can see a new screen with many icons.
Step 5: In the next screen, click the music icon for sharing music files from android mobile to laptop. Even you make calls and backup from your browser. You can share all the backup files to mobile from laptop.
Step 6: For sharing files you need to just drag and drop the files where you need to have them even in mobile or laptop.
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