How to Edit the Number of Visible Tiles in Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8 Start Menu has attracted many lovers. In my previous post, I wrote about adding custom Tiles in Windows 8 like the Windows 8.1 preview. Recently Windows 8.1 preview version was released. Now, in this article I’l show you ti Customized the number of Tiles in Windows 8. It is so easy to customize it and you don’t need any software for doing this. In Windows 8, depending upon the resolution of your system/PC, the tiles in a row are arranged automatically. This method is done with the help of Windows Registry editor. Let’s try..

How to Edit the Number of Visible Tiles in Windows 8

How To Customize Number Of Tiles In Windows 8

  • Now type “Regedit” in the side search box.
  • Then run Registry editor in your system.
  • Now you want to switch to HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / ImmersiveShell / Grid 
  • Then go to grid folder and choose create a new DWORD (32-bits) Value option. It can be done by right clicks.
  • Now, DWORD values can be renamed as Layout_MaximumRowCount . Just copy and paste the values to avoid any unwanted errors.
  • Now, double click the value of DWORD and enter the value between 2 to 5. Note that these values will desired your tiles rows.
  • After doing all this you need to reboot your system.
  • Enjoy!!

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