How To Fast File Transfer In Windows 7/8 And XP

How To Fast File Transfer In Windows 7/8 And XP

Welcome back guys, today we are here with a new trick by which you can fast file transfer in windows 7/8 and XP. As you all know that computer is our daily need and we can’t survive without it and nowadays there is very much work load due which it makes our PC slower and the speed of file transfer also decreases respectively. And mostly when we want to transfer heavy files like games, movies, videos, and music albums it take a lot of time for us to transfer them from our hard drive to any pendrive or memory card. This is a very common problem amongst every user because presently mostly all people use USB 2.0 which has a slower rate of transferring file and the second possible reason why your file transferring speed is slow could be that transferring rate of pendrive or memory card would be different from your hard drive so it might take you long time to transfer files. But to take you all out from this problem we have some tips and software which can help you in fast file transfer in windows 7/8 and XP.

Fast File Transfer

Today We Will Learn How To Fast File Transfer In Windows 7/8 and XP.

I will discuss the software’s which i use to fast file transfer in windows 7/8 and will also provide you all the steps and your required information.

Requirements :

You must have an internet connection for downloading required software’s

A pendrive or external disk to test your transferring speed after using the softwares.

Required And Recommended Softwares.

TeraCopy : You Can Download TeraCopy Here

Talent Copy V : You Can Download Talent Copy V Here

Note : Download Softwares After Reading Our Whole Post To Understand Which One Is Better And Which One Is Bad For Your Computer.


TeraCopy is a very good software if you want to fast file transfer your files from one computer to another or from hard drive to pendrive. When you install the software on your computer it acts like the primary files copying software to transfer files.


TeraCopy gives you an option to select between the default file transferring software or TeraCopy. (See The Image Below)



TeraCopy reduces the process time as well as increases the speed of file transferring. Its a very light software that you can even you can do your other work at same time plus your PC won’t hang except some times.


Talent V Copy 

Talent V Copy is also a very good media and file transferring software. Talent V copy does not works like the primary file transferring software rather than you need to select it from the copy paste menu. Its some over like TeraCopy but have some negative points which TeraCopy doesn’t.

Talent V Copy

It works same like the TeraCopy does but it takes a little more time than TeraCopy if you will transfer some files of 3.0 GB it might take 15 mins where TeraCopy will only take 10 or 12 mins.

Talent V Copy

I Guess Now You Might Know Why I Asked You To Download Software After Reading The Whole Post Once 😀

Thanks For Giving US Your Precious Time.

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