How To Get Facebook App ID or API Key Easily

Facebook it the biggest Social Network. And we are so happy to be a member in it. In Facebook we are creating Pages, Groups and sharing your blog posts.  Facbook also have Like Box for blogger which helps you to get more likes for your page. But for using some Facebook gadgets you need App ID. It is otherwise called as API Key. Now I’ll show you how to get those keys. App ID is just a code provided by Facebook to identify our widgets. Let’s see, How To Get Facebook App ID. It’s Easy To Get AppID. These keys are so important and very useful for everything where the Facebook comes. For example, If you want to install Intensedebate comment system in your blog then you need FB App ID or API Key. So after getting your API key please save it in your system, in other words don’t delete it.

How To Get Facebook AppID or API Key

How to get your Facebook API key:

  • Go to [] and click ‘Create New App’, then pick a name that suits your website for the Application Name.
  • You can skip the namespace and web hosting options. Then Click “Continue” button.
  • Now go to Settings > Basic in the menu on the left and then click the “Website with Facebook Login” option on the right.
  • Then Enter your App Domains, Example:
  • Now Enter your Site URL, Example:
  • Then Hit the “Save Changes” button.
  • You can find App ID.
  • Just Copy your App ID and paste it were you need it.
  • That’s it! All done!

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