How to increase Instagram likes and followers free of cost instantly?

Instagram has integrated a new kind of metric to judge the quality of an Instagram account. The metric was added in the latest update of the Instagram app. The new algorithm ranks an account with more follower interaction better. It means, the number of followers is not only the key now.

As an iterative process, this simply means, you need to look for ways to increase the number of likes in your account because likes comments and shares are the keys to this new update. In this article, we will cover the best app to get 50 free Instagram followers instantly.

GetInsta App Review - The Best Tool to Get Free Instagram ...

We all know that if we believe only in the traditional way, which is nothing but quality content without advertisement then it is difficult to increase followers and likes and comments. Moreover, it is also a time consuming process. So we have to depend upon some app which eases the hard works in our favor. Today, there are many options available and one can easily use them efficiently and get free Instagram followers instantly.

It must be noted that previously, many people tried fake accounts to increase likes but that is less feasible and more time consuming. These apps will help you to get real followers instantly. We have listed best 5 Instagram followers app to get followers and likes. However, make sure that your content is attractive enough so that these apps can generate a multiplier effect.

Best apps to get Instagram followers:

1: GetInsta

2: Turbo Like for Instagram

3: Magic Liker

4: IstLike

5: Follower Pro +

The first three apps are totally free. The last two apps come with both paid and free versions. Followers Pro + only supports iOS while Magic Liker supports only Android, rest apps support both platforms. Magic Liker only helps to get likes but not followers but all other apps help to get both. These are the pros and cons of the apps precisely. We would like to recommend you to use GetInsta because it supports all platforms and comes free of cost.

GetInsta: All you need to know

GetInsta provides a system to gather real Instagram users in one place to like and follow each other so, with this app, the likes you get are from the persons who like your posts. You will get 24*7 customer support with this.

Features of GetInsta:

  • Users get free coins by signing up and downloading the app, and by following others and liking others’ posts. These coins will help you get unlimited free Instagram likes for your posts.



  • Real likes from real and active accounts.
  • No password needed..
  • It is available on Android & iOS phones and PC.

How to use it efficiently:

All you have to do is follow the step wise guidelines.

Step 1: Download GetInsta, install it and create your account. You can start by clicking here. You can find the presskit for GetInsta here.

Step 2: Start earning coins by following other accounts.

Step 3: Start getting’s likes and followers.

You are done. Yes, that’s this simple.


As an end note, we would like to repeat what we have already stated before that these apps might help you to get likes and followers organically but ultimately, if you want really to increase the size of your audience then you have to offer quality. You should never compromise on that when you start using these apps, otherwise, these apps will take you nowhere. You must understand that these apps do nothing other than giving Instagramers a big push to earn more likes and followers but ultimately content is the fuel. Let us know about your personal experience with this app or any other app that we have recommended in the comments section below.

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