How to Increase iOS 7 Battery Life

Most of the users are trying to use iOS 7 for longer time. But they can’t do it. This is due to the decrease in their battery life. They wanted a brand new iPad mini that ought to be with all features. However If you would like even a lot of battery power to figure the iOS 7 for longer time, you’ve got to extend the iOS 7 battery life. You may ask me, How? With the subsequent straightforward tips, you’ll be able to extend the iOS 7 Battery life even more and find the foremost out of your Apple pill battery that works longer as doable. You can use this tips for any Apple products. Here are some Tips to Extend or Increase your iOS 7 Battery life in shorter time.

How to Increase iOS 7 Battery Life

Adjust Screen Brightness 

We are so young. So we can able to see all the things in less brightness. The higher brightness of the display screen will reduces your battery fast. So reduce or adjust the brightness manually os your iOS 7 screen. Please check your screen brightness often and make sure that you have adjusted it. For teen folk we don’t need much screen brightness. This is the best way for increasing your battery life. This will works on all electronic devices. So try it.

Exit Unwanted Apps

While using iOS 7 many apps will run on your background screen. These apps will take much of your battery power. So if you don’t want to use those apps then remove it or exit those temporarily. This method will surely give hand to increase your battery life. Don’t close all the apps, choose the apps which your are not using it. Then stop running it. That’s it!

Turn off Alerts

You can Alerts and Notification center in iOS 7. This is the best feature from iOS 7. Well, but this will drains your battery life fast. However, we won’t see the notification and alerts. So just turn off the notification and alerts of your new iOS7 apps. You may ask me how to turn off it? Here is the little way to do it.

  • First Go to the settings.
  • Then to Notifications.
  • Now just tab the app you want to disable notification.
  • Then to Notification center.
  • Choose OFF.

Keep far UR Devices from Heat

Heating means not heating your iOS 7 device under fire. If you expose your iOS 7 or any electronic devices that are running on battery power to overheat, the battery life time will be shortened. Please, don’t’ use any electronic devices in direct sunlight for long time, including iOS 7 device. This will surely increase the heat level of the device and make the battery to expose. For getting longer battery life keep your iOS 7 far.

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