How To Increase Blog Traffic in 2014 !

Hi Guys, Traffic is one of the main thing which we need on our website & blog, if you have blog then surely you wants a traffic, today i will tell you some outstanding ways to increase traffic to your website for free.
increase Web Traffic

Do you want to increase the page views on your website? Don’t worry I am going to tell you how to increase your website views by different ways. More number of views will help you to earn lot of money. I spent lot of time to get how to increase the page view numbers with legal ways.

Increase Web Traffic For Free

1) Content

Create and maintain actual content on your Web site. If you’re trying to sell something, it helps if you have articles and information about it. If you’re providing information, make sure that you have more than just lists of links for your customers to browse. Having high quality content that is updated regularly will keep your customers coming back.

2) Write new contents regularly

New posts remind your customers that your site is still there. Even if everyone who is subscribed doesn’t visit every time you send, you still keep your site in their mind. Also, since it’s email it’s easy for your readers to send it on to their friends, thus increasing your potential customer base.

3)Highlight your most popular content

People like to know “what is hot” when they are visiting a website. You can increase the number of page views you’ll get per visitor if you highlight your popular content and encourage them to read it. The easiest way to achieve this is to create a “Popular Articles” section on your sidebar.

4)Interlink within Posts

More effective technique is to highlight relevant posts within the content of your posts. If you’re writing a post that mentions something similar to what you’ve written before simply link to your previous post from within your article. For example I’ve written about this technique previously in a post on increasing website traffic.

5) Keep Your Ads less

You can use ad units as you need some revenue from your blog but make sure those are not troubling your readers. If you really earn good through ad units then remove the in-text ads as these can be irritating to the readers which will decrease your page views also. Rather use widgets or place related links using related post plug-ins in the places where you remove your ad units and you will find increase in page views in no time.
Golden Rule: “More Ads less Page views”

6) Write Killer Titles

When you are writing titles, the thumb rule is to keep them short, not more than 15 words and make them attractive by giving a hint that what will be the article about. Write titles that are focused on the central idea of the article. Titles that are catchy, in general ends with a question or an explanatory mark. Other ways of making titles interesting is to write in short using slangs to tell the reader what to expect from the entire article. Ultimately, you are going to relate this article to some of your older posts also these titles will pull the readers to click other titles present in the sidebar widgets. 

7) Run a contest

Contests get people interested in your site. And if you have a good prize, you’ll get people excited to try to win. Be sure to include an official rules page, and you’ll want to find out if there are any rules in your state our contry regarding contests For example, in Canada, there must be a skill testing question to determine the winner.

8) Leave comments on other blogs

Develop the habit of visiting blogs inside your niche and leaving comments on them. You can include a link to your website on each comment, and some visitors will certainly come through those links.

9) Enable links in RSS Feeds

Once you publish an RSS feed your visitors will be able to subscribe to your website using an RSS reader. After that whenever you publish new content they will receive it automatically, which is a great way to keep these visitors engaged with your content and visiting your website regularly. If you want to get the most out of your RSS feed you should sign-up for a Feedburner account.

10) Search Function

Most blog blog platforms have the ability to use a search feature on your blog which enables users to search your blog for keywords. This feature obviously helps your readers to locate other posts on your site and as a result increases the potential for a multiple page view visit.

11) Get people to stumble your articles

If you have friends using Stumble Upon, ask them to stumble your best articles. This should get the ball rolling, and if other Stumble Upon users like your content it might receive a lot of traffic from it.

12) Try to reach Digg’s front page

Reaching Digg‘s front page is quite difficult, but it is worth a try, because once you manage it you’ll receive tens of thousands of visitors. You should start by becoming an active Digg user, trying to make as many friends as possible and to understand the kind of content that works there. Once you have these two things, get a friend to submit one of your best stories, and get your network of contacts to vote on it.

13) Increase Your Website Views Via Facebook

If you want to generate social media traffic, you must have a presence on Facebook. The very least you should do is to create an account there and network with as many people as possible. After you’ll be able to generate traffic by posting links to your website on your Facebook stream. Create a Facebook fan page which is dedicated to your website, where your visitors can become fans, leave comments and so on.

14) Increase Your Website Views Via Twitter

Another must have social network is Twitter. You can create an account for yourself, or one for your website directly, where you’ll post updates with links to your recent posts and related content from around the web.

15) Create unique content

If you want to receive search engine traffic and only had time to work on one thing, you should work on creating unique content for your website. This is what Google and company values most. The more unique content you have, and the more frequently you publish new stuff, the better.

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