How to Keep Different Ringtone for Each Skype Contact

Skype is a well know application for video calling which is available for major platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, and more. Users who use Skype can chat with their friends online, by making calls and video calling. But for making calls and video calls users need more credits. Even they can have separate contact list by customizing them. This is an awesome tweaks already know to all and the most proven trick in skype.
How to  Keep Different Ringtone for Each Skype Contact

Now, here I’m with another awesome trick for Skype. If you’ve ever tried about setting different ringtone for your each Skype contact? You may have used this method before on your smartphones. But now, you can try this awesome trick in Skype. This can be done by using a simple plugin called Skypeman. Let’s take a look over the method given below. Here we goes…..

How to set different ringtones for each Skype contact

Step 1: First of all Download Skypeman and install it.

Step 2: Then run it by giving permission to access it. Just click Yes button for giving full access.

Step 3: Now open Skypeman >> Contact Information >> Select Online >> Uncheck Default and enjoy.

Step 4: If you feel it’s not working good, then stop it’s service be going to Skypeman>>Stop Ringtones. That’s it guys!

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Hope you will like is awesome trick and everyone done this trick sucessfully. If lyou’ve any error then share it with us in comments. Do some likes and share this article with your friends and me us grow! Have a great day! Cheers:-)
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