How to Manage/Login Multiple Accounts in Mozilla Firefox

Everyone one has an account on various websites like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, And more. But for logging in you need to log out of one account before you can log in to another account of yours incase if you use Multiple accounts. If you’re an entrepreture then this case goes for you. Actually, for using multiple accounts you need atleast two browsers, even though if you have two browsers you need to log out of one account before log in to another account. For this time, everyone is following this method and known simplest one.

But some people won’t like to use separate browser for accessing their profiles. For those folks, this article will guide them than the previous one.

How to Manage/Login Multiple Accounts in Mozilla Firefox

You can find many popular browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Maxthon, and more available over internet, but none of them have this feature on it. But by using addons you can solve this issue, that too only on Mozilla Firefox becuase this addon is only available for Firefox. So if you like to use Mozilla everytime for switching multiple accounts then you should have this awesome tool installed on your browser called Multifox.

What is Multifox?

As the name implies, Multifox helps you to create separate accounts in different Windows without signing out another account. Multifox is an simple addon available for Mozilla Firefox. The awesome thing here is, after installing this addon on your browser you don’t need to restart your browser. After installing itmon your browser, you will find Multifox icon on the top right corner for further use.

Multifox is an awesome Mutlitasking addon to manage multiple accounts with user friendly surroundings. It’s totally easy to use with simple tweaks and every one will learn to use this tool quickly. Make sure that, you’ve opened a new window using Multifox for using multiple accounts.

Here this article will guide you to install this awesome app on your browser with simplest steps as possible. Let’s take a view over them…

Step 1: First of all, Download and install Multifox on your browser

Step 2:  Then click on that Multifox ico found on the top right corner, and click the Default Profile. This will allow you to log in to your account in separate window.

Step 3: If you want to log in with another account, then again click that icon and choose the same as before and by clicking New to access multiple accounts in same browser.

Step 4: Just follow the same for using multiple profile, and for tracking your account you can go to the Edit section and customize your account name as for your wish.

Step 5:  For deleting them, go to the Delete section and remove your saved accounts, this can be followed even for changing your profile name.

As I said before, open a new window using Multifox to have good result and have some fun:-)

Well, you guys will like this new tool and this article. If so kindly share this article with your friends and do some likes. Don’t forgot to share your thoughts in comments below. Cheers:-)

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