How to Play PS2 Games On PC on PC?

Sony’s play station and PC are the most reachable and easy to use platforms in the gaming world. Almost all of the popular games are available for these platforms. These platforms have their own pros and cons. But What if a PC gamer wants to enjoy Play Station games? Indeed they can. With new Play Station simulation software, it is possible to do so. Now you can play your favorite PS2 title on PC or laptop.  This article will walk through the process of installing simulation software and launching any PS2 game inside a desktop or laptop computer.

How to Play PS2 Games On PC on PC?

PCSX2 Emulator

PCSX2 is a PS2 simulation application available for free that will help to play PS2 game on your computer. PCSX2 is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. It provides stable and efficient experience like PS2 on PC.

How to play PS2 game on PC or laptop

Below is step by step process to play PS2 Games on PC or Laptop
Installation Process

  • First and foremost, download PCSX2 emulator for your Operating System.
  • Open the downloaded setup and install PCSX2 in your computer.
    (During the installation, you can choose to download DirectX web setup. It is recommended to download. So it can update your computer with latest DirectX drivers.)
  • After completing the installation, download the BIOS for this emulator.
  • Then open Documents in your user directory and there you will find a folder named as PCSX2.
  • Now copy the complete BIOS folder, which was downloaded in Step 3, inside PCSX2 folder.
  • Now run the PCSX2 application, which was installed in Step 2. You will be prompted with the Configuration Window; here you can select the plugins. These Preferences are adjusted according to the performance of the computer. Of you don’t know yours, just leave them unchanged.
  • Then PCSX2 needs a BIOS to boot on, carefully select the path of BIOS folder to Documents/PCSX2/<BIOS-FOLDER-NAME> and hit Apply.
  • PCSX2 should start normally.

Configure the keyboard settings

Before playing any PS2 game you need to configure the controller settings i.e. map keyboard keys to the joysticks buttons.

  • Go to Config -> Controllers (PAD) -> Plugin settings. To change key mapping of keyboard.
  • Then head to Pad 1 tab and you will see many buttons on the right side panel. In order to customize click on that button and press respective button on the keyboard.

Playing Games

  • To play the games, Select CDDVD -> ISO selector -> Browse, and select the game image, saved in ISO format.
  • Finally hit System -> Boot CDDVD and your game will launch.

This is probably the only way to play PS2 games on desktop and laptops. There are some bottlenecks that you might face while following this process. Remember that PS2 games, have detailed graphics and heavy on resource. So to run these games smoothly in a simulated environment, you need a good graphic card, processor, RAM and lots of space to store game images.

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