How To Snap a Current Screen in Windows 8.1 Preview

Recently Microsoft released Windows 8.1 preview with lots of new improvements. For some blogger they need to take screenshots for their tutorials. So, now in this article I’ll show you how to take screenshot in Windows 8.1. This is not a new trick. This is an old one and it will be know to everyone. And the most luckiest thing is, this trick will work on any operating system. So try this trick on your system. I have listed two methods for snapping your Windows screen. One method is by using Prt Sc Sys Rq. And the other one is by using a default tool from Windows OS called Snipping Tool.

How To Snap a Current Screen in Windows 8.1 Preview

How to Capture Screen in Widows 8.1

First Go to the window which you want to capture.

Then press “Prt Sc Sys Rq”  which will be found just after F12 in your keyboard.

After clicking it, Go to Paint and “Paste” it by pressing CTRL+V.

That’s it. Now, Save save your image file in any format by going to Save As.


How to Capture Screen in Widows 8.1 using Snipping Tool

For using this tool you need to search for it. Just type Snipping Tool in your Windows 8.1 search box and run it.
Then crop the window screen for your wish.
And lastly save it.
That’s it!

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