How to Speed Up BSNL/MTNL Broadband-Increase Speed

BSNL and MTNL are the biggest Internet Broadband providers in India. They also provide Wireless Phone connectivity with 2G and 3G Dongles. These devices will be so useful for those who travels often with some works. Here the MTNL provides broadband connections fr selected states like Delhi and Mumbai in India. In th other hand, BSNL takes cares all over India by providing high speed internet connection.

How to Speed Up BSNL/MTNL Broadband-Increase Speed

These Broadband connection has different plans. Those plans have limited speed acording to your data plan you choosed. But the speed will be less than your actual speed mentioned in your plan. If you’re facing thid problem, then now you can resolve them simply, through this article. This post will explain how to increase your BSNL and MTNL broadband speed for better use.

Note that, you can’t increase your actual speed plan speed chosen by you. The company may have locked it, so don’t try to exceed your actual speed and it’s totally a waste of time including money. Many peoples are cheated using this case as “Increase your Internet Speed 200%”. They are fake and those software can also affect your PC with some threads. And, these types of ads may also cheat you too. So be careful about this case. This article will be useful for the users who don’t get their actual speed as promised by the company and their data plans.

There are 3 various method to increase BSNL and MTNL broadband speed. These methods can increase your broadband connection. Let’s see how to solve them simply.

Method 1: By Customizing the Reserved Bandwidth..

If you’re using Microsoft Operating system, then in the default memory space you will be allocated with 20% of internet bandwidth in all kind of series upto Windows 8. If you deallocate those reserved bandwidth means, it will surely help you to increase your internet speed on your browsing as well on your download speed.

Step 1: Press the Windows key + R, and type ” gpedit.msc” in run box.
Step 2: Then go to Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>>Network>>QOS Packet Scheduler.
Step 3: Then under QOS Packet Scheduler, then find ‘limit reservable bandwidth’. Just right click on it and choose Properties.
Step 4: Now in the setting section, Check the box Enabled and set the bandwidth limit to 0% and apply it.
Step 5: That’s it! You’ve successfully deallocated the reserved bandwidth. Now, jut check your internet speed after restarting your PC and enjoy!

Method 2: By Customizing the DNS…

This method will be the best and the proven one, than the above. By changing the DNS address, it’s possible to increase your internet speed. This can be done by using different Open DNS addresses on your system.

Step 1:  Go to Network Adapter Settings>>TCP/IP.
Step 2: And in the empty space, enter the below mentioned DNS addresses.

Preferred DNS Address:
Alternative DNS Address:

These addresses are recommended to use before trying the alternative ones. These alternatives codes are Google DNS addresses. Check them also,

Preferred DNS Address:
Alternative DNS Adress:

Step 3: That’s it!

Method 3: By using 3rd party Optimizer….

Step 1: Download TCP Optimizer and install iy on your system.
Step 2: Then run it, and go to Settings and change the internet speed to 1MB. You can even use your internet speed provided by your service operators.
Step 3: Once everything was done, just Check the ‘Optimal’ found below.
Step 4: Then you may be shown up with a new window, asking for your permission to complete that process. Just go ahead over it by Checking the ‘Backup’.
Step 5: Now restart your PC and check the effect. If you feel, your internet speed has decreased, then restore it.

Hopefully, we’ve succeed in our task. Try anyone of these methods mentioned above and share your experience in comments below. If you got any problems while processing, then share it in comments. Do likes and share this article with all your friends and make us grow. Cheers:-)

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