How to Take Screenshot on Chromebook?

If you raise whether it’s possible to take a screenshot on Chromebook ? Then i am going to say affirmative ! However you cannot capture the whole screen from your Chromebook. But it’s also possible now. I recently detected some individuals are using Chromebook while not knowing a way to use it (new ones). Therefore I made a decision to put in writing associate degree useful tips on Chromebook. Therefore I create associate degree little search on net concerning this. Here is that the result !

How to Take Screenshot on Chromebook?

How to take screenshot on Chromebook? 

You can take screenshot by pressing Ctrl+Shift+[]||. This key’s additionally used for choosing the text.That’s it !. And for the new ones simply press Ctrl+[]||. And this key can assist you to require screenshot of the whole screen on your Chromebook.

 I hope this text can assist you a far better. Share your thoughts in comments!
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