How to Use Galaxy S4 as TV Remote Control

You can find many apps for Smartphones. There are lots and lots of new features are added with those apps. By the way today I’m going to share one Awesome tutorial. I hope you will love this tutorial. In this tutorial, I’ll show you to Use Samsung Galaxy S4 as Television Remote Controller. This is so awesome ah..? You’re buying S4 for over Rs.40,000 and using it as a TV remote.

How to Turn Samsung Galaxy S4 as TV Remote Controller
This is just an trick and even you don’t feel good about this tutorial, you can buy TV remote for 100 rupees. Anyway, as I said before I’ll show you to change S4 to TV Remote Controller. Here is one app for Galaxy S4 which can be used as universal TV remote. This app is so unique than others. You may ask me, whether it is possible to use Samsung Galaxy S4 as TV remote control ? Then the answer from me will be, Yes!
I have listed the handy tutorial bellow for using Galaxy S4 as a TV Remote Controller. All you need is to do, just follow the simple steps given bellow.
And one main thing before starting this tutorial. For downloading apps from Samsung, you need to sign in to your Samsung account on your device. After signing in then follow my steps mentioned below,

How to Use Samsung Galaxy S4 as TV Controller

Step 1: Now in your S4, Open the WatchON app. WatchOn app is a pre installed app in all S4 device. If not so, then Download WatchON from Google Play.
Step 2: Then it will ask some information about you like, Country, Zip Code,. Just fill those things and go ahead.
Step 3: After filling those things, in the next step you need to choose your TV brand, now just select your TV brand name and then bring your S4 device in front of the TV.
How to Turn Samsung Galaxy S4 as TV Remote Controller

Step 4: Now, turn on your TV and then press the power button on your S4 device and wait for some seconds.
Step 5: In this step, you need to enter the device name by which you’re getting channels i.e. Information about the Set up Box or about the Cable Operators.
Step 6: Now Tap the More Info and enable the Infra Red and go ahead.
Now, just finish the setup and have some fun with your S4 device. So friends,  I hope you like this article. I think so, this is the easiest way to change your Samsung Galaxy S4 as TV controller. Kindly share this awesome tutorial with your friends. If you got any errors then leave those errors in comment below. 
Share your thoughts in comments about this tutorial. And, Stay tuned at here for more awesome and unique tutorials.
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