HTC Desire 820 Specifications, Price and Detailed Review !!

The Taiwanese company HTC is up with another fantastic device Desire 820, which is said to be as the betterment for its previous version Desire 816. HTC Desire 820 have a better front camera, a Gorilla 3 screen protection and some other improvements from the previous one. Apart from these improvements, the new device looks similar to that of an old one. Is it a good buy for Indian users or not? We are to figure out this in this review.

HTC Desire 820  review

Build & design

As I said in the beginning, it looks very similar to the Desire 816 in terms of it’s plastic shell, round corners and the dual stereo speakers. 

Desire 820 has got dual tone colors with a volume rocker and power keys, micro USB jack, camera lens and a LED flash with HTC logo in it.

HTC Desire 820

The new model doesn’t has any physical keys, but has onscreen keys for navigation. The right edge of the phone caries certain features like Power/Screen lock and the volume rocker keys. The left edge has a plastic flap that hides a nano sim card slots, and a microSD card slot. Apart from this, there is no specific difference between both the phones if we speak about design. These are equal in terms of dimensions too.

HTC Desire 820

The display of HTC Desire 820 has a BoomSound speakers flanked on both sides. The 8MP front camera sits just above the display and is clearly visible. The headset of 3.5 mm is at the top and the micro USB-port sits at the bottom edge.

The back camera is of 13 MP with LED flash. It has got easily smudged and a glossy finish to it. The phone gives a premium feel with the glossy finish.

HTC Desire 820


HTC Desire 820’s display is of 5.5 inch Super LCD 2 with a resolution of 720×1280 pixels. Although the number of pixels are less because of the large display, I didn’t notice any images or text appeared to be crisp or sharp.

HTC Desire 820

The screen is good enough to watch videos you want and it is very convenient to play games. But it’s bit difficult to handle this device with single hand.  

Colors used in the display are pretty clear, though not as not expressive as compared to HTC One (M8).

The mobile has got Gorilla Glass 3 protections, I can say this is an improvement for Desire 816.


HTC Desire 820 is designed with 4.4.4 KitKat Android version with Sense 6, and the latest version of User Interface is used in it.

I mentioned about HTC One (M8). Comparing this with Desire 820 again, it doesn’t support double tap to unlock feature to access the home screen. It is replaced with Power/Unlock key. In my view, the makers should’ve included that feature as it makes more sense for 820.

The User Interface is not very different from the previous versions of Android.  Desire 820 is sported with Sense 6 interface.

The navigation keys gets hidden while playing games and using apps.


HTC Desire 820Similar to that of Desire 816, 820 doesn’t have an Ultra Pixel camera. Instead of it, the device has got 13 MP BSI sensor along with f/2.2 and 28mm lens.

Another change in Desire 820 is that it doesn’t come with HTC ImageChip, which as a result, it doesn’t has the feature of Zoe mode in the camera. As a result the camera takes an extra time to process the image and save it after capturing.

What I found in this camera is that the images shot in optimum light look great. The color reproduction and contrast were good and the result images look so natural. I noticed some issues while capturing the macro images as the focus was not much responsive. I compared with the Desire 816 and found it is strangely focus-lock was much faster and responsive on 816. This could be probably a software issue.

Photos taken at low light look noisy and lack detail. The camera is also sports Panorama and HDR modes.

It is capable of capturing videos with the resolution of 1080p and the audio and video quality satisfied me. Good enough in this case.

Now coming to the front camera, it is of 8MP sensor with f2.0 wide angle lens and very convenient for taking selfies. You can arrange a timer specialized for taking selfies. There are many options for selfies like you can eliminate blemishes, fix red eye and whiten the skin tone. Therefore I can say the front camera of this phone the highlight for the phone.


HTC Desire 820 is powered withi 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor and a RAM of 2GB. Although it is a mid range device, the phone won’t disappoint you anywhere in gaming or accessing it.

I’d like to remind one thing here ie., it Android 4.4 doesn’t support 64-bit architecture. Not just that, but the phone actually need more memory to leverage 64-bit capabilities and truly saying, 2GB RAM is not sufficient.

When I sued it, I didn’t notice any kind of lag when switching between the apps, editing pics, clicking for pictures, browsing the web, or playing games based on high graphics.

I tried all the formats while playing videos and I find no issues while playing videos. You can add further formats to play the third party videos through apps. The device also has FM Radio.

The sound quality in HTC Desire 820 is enhance good in such a way that it delivers an amazing sound, I can say it’s more powerful than too many phones available in the market at the moment.

The call quality in the mobile device is excellent and the performance is good at low signal areas. One more thing is that can catch weak Wi-Fi signals very easily. It has GPS and A-GPS for navigation maps, and can easily lock a signal.

The Bluetooth 4.0 is embedded with aptX codec support which allows the phone to deliver a CD-like sound for Bluetooth, and the sound is good when it is connected to a Bluetooth stereo headset.

The phone has 2600 mAh battery that can last for a day without any high usage. I tested the mobile for two hour long calls, played games, clicked some pictures, listened to songs and browsed the web. By doing these things, I noticed that the battery’s backup was inferior compared to the 816 even though both the devices has similar batteries. This could be probably for the new processor.

There is an extreme power saving mode in the phone, by which you can make the life of battery much longer by turning on. This mode restricts the background data and offers the access to the phone, messages, mail, calendar, and other apps like calculator.


I tested the mobile by playing the games like Looney Tunes Dash, Leo’s Fortune, Riptide GP2 and Asphalt 8 without frame drops and freezes. After a long game session, I found the phone was little warm.

Video Review of HTC Desire 820

Final verdict

In my view, HTC Desire 820 is good one to try and it is available at a mid range price of Rs. 24,990.

Overall, the Desire 820 offers a good mix of hardware specifications and software like average battery life, and all that. If you’re willing to buy a phone with big screen, then this won’t satisfy you much. But this phone has got enough features to satisfy the customer at its best price of 24,990.

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