How to Remove Copied Content From Google Search !

Today I am going to show you how to report to Google if someone is copied your post or content from your blog or website without your permission then you have to take action about the author/person who copied your valuable contents. 

Writing a valuable and informative content is really a tough job because we have to provide quality content with proper information, because if readers doesn’t like your content then your blog/website don’t have any value because readers are the primary things for blogs. without readers and visitors blog have no value, and if you write quality and informative content/post for your readers and some guy copy that content then i know how you will feel, for the solution of this problem I am going to share one easy way to register violation report.

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Steps to Remove Copied Content From Google Search

1) Its easy to complaint, follow me.

2) Click on the SUBMIT A COMPLAINT button to complaint to Google.

3) And you want to give your information by giving all required information.

4) That’s it! All are done.

5) Wait for few day for taking action.

NOTE: You should give full information about your content ,date of posting ,links,author name,and with your DCMA Copyright policy proof and give all information about your website for make your case strong and strong.If you don’t do like this Google will Cancel or Ignore your application (compliant).

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