How To Import Photos/Files From Android To Windows PC

Everyone wants to transfer media files from one devices to another in short time. Mostly from Android smartphone to your PC. So for transferring the files, photos, musics, videos and more you need to plug-in the data cable and for copying in Windows OS we use File explorer. Copying operation is nothing but transferring your files to another device by leaving a backup. That’s it!

Import Photos/Files From Android To Windows PC

As I mentioned before the procedure of copying the photos from your Android mobile to your PC is so easy and there are many methods to perform this process. All you need is just want to connect your mobile with the system using data cables. So when you do so your mobile will be connected and sync to transfer files from your mobile to your Windows PC. If you’re mobile was not recognized then try to remove the cable from your system and make it plug again! Sometimes this may work well! These issues are many caused due to the manufacturer’s missing drivers for your mobile. So make sure have connected well before transferring files!

So now in this article we’re going to discuss about Transferring Photos/Files from Android Smartphone to Windows PC in Quick steps. In other words how to import photos from Android to computer. So the check the procedure you need to perform for transferring your files from mobile to PC.

How to Import/Transfer Photos From Android To PC

First just plug-in your Android mobile with your PC. Once you did, you will be notified with 3 options which will be stating that phone is connected as a Camera or as Media Device. So if you want to import files then both the options works fine! So if you want to change the option then you can do it just by tapping on it.

Then select Connect as Camera option or Media Device. Hopefully we’ve finished half percent of our work!

Now check your My Computer, you’ll see another new device storage drive which is nothing but your Android mobile.

So to copy photos and files just Open it and click on the files you need to copy and paste it where you to be done! If you want to copy photos then click the DCIM folder and go ahead!

Atlast, choose the Camera folder and copy photos that you want make a copy of it! That’s it!

Final Words

Whats your view about this tutorial on How to import photos/files from Android to PC? Useful? If you’re facing any issues then share it with us in comments below! We’ll try to solve those issues as quick as possible we can! If you find this post helped you better and resourceful then share it with your friends and on social media sites. Cheers 😀

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