Increase your Android Phone RAM using SD Card

Article on: How to Increase Ram in Android phone. From lower classes we all have known about RAM and ROM. Where the RAM is more important to many electronic devices or the machine which works based on software platform. So you can find this on all smartphone devices where the manufactures will offered with good amount of RAM. But for playing big games you need to great RAM not only for playing games, to do more additional stuffs. More RAM power increase your processing speed. This problem can’t be found on High Class and Expensive mobiles. So if you’re going for budget phones then you might struggle with these issues i.e, Lower RAM. Now this issues can be solved using a memory card. Today I will shere easiest way to increase ram on android phone.

Increase your Android Phone RAM using SD Card

This tutorial is about Converting SD Card into Phone RAM. For executing this trick there are few quick steps with some technical process. So I advice you guys to follow me close and do step by step as I assist you. Lets check out,

Here we’re going to use 3 Android Application and 1 PC tool to increase Ram In Android Phone. So for performing this method you need your Mobile which to be increased with RAM capacity and a Computer.

How to Increase Android RAM

Step 1: Checking your phone compatibility

Here we’re are going to use an application called MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check which helps you to find your mobile supports this swap process its not possible or not? So for checking it you need to download MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check on your Android mobiles. If your phone supports swap function then go ahead to next step. [Link]

Step 2: Partitioning SD Card 

  • First Download MiniTool Partition Wizard and install it in PC. [Link]
  • Then connect your SD Card to PC & Open MiniTool Application then select the SD Card and press Delete (Formatting your memory card). So before procceding this steps backup your files.
  • Now your SD card has un-allocated space, just right click and choose New Partition, make sure partition is primary and file system is FAT32.
  • Be sure to leave maximum 1GB in your SD card and choose remaining space as your above partition.
  • Create another partition with remaining space with primary mode but this time change the file system to EXT2, EXT3, EXT4.
  • Then Press Apply Changes and wait for few minutes till your partition will be created.

Step 3: Rooting your Mobile

  • Download Link2SD on your Android Device. [Link]
  • Then run the application and give root permission.
  • Now Choose the .EXT partition you have created earlier in above Step 2.
  • Then Sorts the app and start Linking them.

Step 4: Increasing Your Mobile RAM Capacity

  • Download Swapper for Root and install it on your smartphone. [Link]
  • Then open the application and select the amount of RAM you like to increase.
  • Now this application will created a .SWP and your RAM capacity will be increased for your smartphone. That’s it!

Final Words

How do you feel? Are you excited? Then make your friends too excite by sharing this tutorial with them via social networking sites. If you want to spend some buck for this, then go for the paid application called ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP) so that you can Increase RAM using ROEHSOFT RAM Expande. If you’re facing any issues then drop them in comments, you can also Increase RAM of Android without Root Don’t forget to share your thoughts in comments below! Cheers;)

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