How to Install Flare Social Sharing Widget on Blogger

Flare Social Sharing is the best tool for sharing contents directly from your blog. Surely these sharing will increase your blogs views. It is just like an project which as initially developed for WordPress and it shows an massive improvements in making content discovery and sharing on the web with simple, awesome tools. Now, the awesome news is, you can use this tool on your blog tool for free. These tools made the users to share the article. It results in more traffic and visibility, views for your blog. So, you wanna to add this awesome tool to your blog. So, I’m here to help you for adding this tool to your blog easily.

How to Install Flare Social Sharing Widget on Blogger

Adding Flare Social Sharing widgets on your blog is simple. A day before we’ve share an article about Adding Shareaholic Sharing buttons on your blog. You can add this widget above/below your blog posts or anywhere you need. These tools are attractive and awesome in their style. I got much traffic from social networks after using this tool. So, if you use this tool in your blog then, you blog’s traffic can be increased because most of the readers will love and care to share.

How to Install Flare Social Sharing Floating Widget

Step 1: Go to Filament and click on “Install Now”.

Step 2: Then enter your email id and Sign up there.

How to Install Flare Social Sharing Widget on Blogger

Step 3: Now, just Copy the snippet code which appears in the next window.

How to Install Flare Social Sharing Widget on Blogger

Step 4: Then open a new tab in your browser and Login to your Blogger Account > Select Your Blog > Template > Editor and search for </head> tags.

Step 5: Now, Paste the snippet code just above the </head> and save your template.

Step 6: Then again go back to flare widget page and Click on “I’m Ready”.

Step 7: Now Enter your Blog URL and click on “Check Domain”.

How to Install Flare Social Sharing Widget on Blogger

Step 8: There you’ll find Flare option, just click it.

Step 9: Now it’s time to create flare sharing widget for your blog. Now, Click on “Create New” and customize a new widget and save it.

Step 10: Now you can see your widget, just drag it to the right panel just below the all pages section.

Step 11: That’s it! Check your blog and have some fun:)

Hope you guys will like this article. If you’re facing some issues then let us to know it. We’re are happy to help you. Kindly share your experience here below via comments. Don’t forget to do some likes! Cheers:)

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