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From today we are starting interview series on our blog, We will interview popular blogging and SEO stars to reveal their strategies and secrets of SEO to our valuable readers. I prefered Jitendra Vaswani who is very good at SEO & SMO concepts and always generates very fresh content to his readers. So lets have a look about him and let him reveal his strategies.

Interview with Jitendra Vaswani from bloggersideas

  1. We all know about Your Blog and Yourself still can you please say a few lines about Your Blogand Yourself?

Hi, I am jitendra vaswani from I am founder of internet marketing blog bloggersideas.

Bloggersideas blog is about latest online marketing buzz about seo, social media, link building , affiliate marketing tips, wordpress & online marketing experts interview. I started my blog in august 2013. Through my blog I got some good fame & I have learned lot from all of pro bloggers.

  1. As a Blogger are you Inspired by Someone? If yes Then who are they?

I m highly inspired by most of the pro bloggers. I read story of pro internet marketers like neil patel, john chow, zac Johnson, harsh aggarwal, brian dean & many other pro marketers.

I have learned lot from these all pro bloggers. Without reading their story I would never have learned about online marketing. They are gems of internet marketing. I respect all pro internet marketers.

If bloggers want to be successful they need to learn from pro bloggers who are very successful in blogging.

  1. Give us insight about your struggle period in blogging?

Regarding my struggle , I would say that I m bad coder. So coding was big glitch for me in beginning. As I was not aware of coding of CSS, php I was very much stressed due to it. I need to seek help from my coder buddies. Because handling wordpress blog alone was very difficult for me. So I would coding was big hurdle for me in blogging. For me blog topimization was very easy as I was already in SEO field from 2 years , so seo was not tough for me. Coding was bit of stress for me. If bloggers learn coding then it will easy for them to solve technical issues.

  1. Can you describe the best movement in your blogging career?

Best movement for me n blogging when I made my first income of 650$ though my blog. It was a paid post and I made good money out of it. It was joyful moment for me. I shared this happiness with my family. They were quite happy

  1. Tell us about bloggersideas.

I have already mentioned about bloggersideas in 1st questions.

  1. How much Earning/month of your blog bloggersideasand which are your earning sources?

Currently I don’t leak my income reports of my blog. I earn decent income from my blog that is all what I can say. I still have to learn lot from my pro bloggers.

My earning sources:

  • Banners ads
  • Paid posts
  • Paid links
  • Email marketing blast
  • Paid tweets
  • SEO services through my blog
  • Paid reviews
  1. Apart from Blogging, What Else Earns You Money?

I was currently working in ecommerce company but I left my job to grow my blogging career and also open my new digital marketing agency digiexe.

I am currently focusing on growth of digiexe. It is my own brand and I want to make it big in future. Blogging helped me to make money from other sources too. Clients see my blog & wanted to hire me for SEO services.

If bloggers want to make more money out of adsense, they should check out these google adsene alternatives.

12 High Paying Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers

  1. What SEO strategies do you recommend?

There are many seo strategies there for blogs. Make your content compelling for readers so they love to read & share it naturally on social media.  Try to do proper keyword research for your content and then research content very well on other websites. After researching add your valuable resource to your content, this way you can outrank your competitors. If you want to learn more SEO strategies, then you read interview series on my blog, where all top online marketers have share their success secret.

  1. Will you please share your secret method to get sponsored post ;)?

There is no secret for sponsored post. Here is email which I use for sponsored post.

Hello Buzzsumo Team,

I am Jitendra Vaswani, an Internet Marketer from India. Since 2010, I have associated with clients from US, UK, India, Canada and other parts of the world.

I’m an active blogger too, blogging at My audience base comprises of people seeking information about SEO, search engines ranking, web traffic, make money blogging, social media optimization, affiliate marketing and WordPress.

By exploring your Buzzsumo platform, I find that reliable Content Marketing & Insights services are today’s need and anyone can boost their online business by using Buzzsumo Platform.

I have a mutually beneficial proposal for you.

I am confident that your product suits my blog’s audience interest. They would love to know about Buzzsumo. The blog has good traffic and social presence.  

What I propose is an in-depth paid review of Buzzsumo. The blog specializes in featuring informative product reviews, which rank high on search engines consistently. Please check –

I propose:

  • 1) 1000+ words Review with Screenshots
  • 2) A banner (336*280) added to the sidebar for 30 days
  • 3) Banner space on any two existing blog articles of your choice.

For this little promotion, the quote is $220-250. The review will be promoted on every social media profile and an email blast to 3000+ blog subscribers to increase ROI and potentially, your business revenue.

Hoping for a positive revert.

  1. How to attract advertiser for Sponsored post and Direct Advertisements?

I drop email to advertisers regarding my blog stats & my PR. Always share genuine information with your advertisers. Show them how your blog can help them to reach targeted audience.

  1. What are your strategies for Google Updates & did you see any drop in traffic of your site.

Always follow google guidelines for your authority blog. Don’t engage in spamming stuffs, you can do spamming on your event blogs but for your main blog don’t do this. It will hurt you in future. Once blog is penalized then it will be difficult to get recover from that penalty. So be legitimate and grow your traffic through natural link building.

  1. How much traffic you generate from social media & how you use social media for your blog?

I generate good traffic from social media. If you share valuable content in social media you will generate lot of traffic directly. Share kickass stuff & get traffic. Also share your fellow bloggers content on social media, don’t brag about yourself all the time in social media.

Help others in blogging and you will get referral traffic for sure. I use all social media channelslike facebook, twitter, g+, stumbleipon, pinterest & other social media sites for traffic.

  1. What do you think about blogging and bloggers in India in past, present and future?

Blogging will be always crucial as a career point of view, before quitting job make sure that you earn sufficient from your blog. Future of blogging is bright but in beginning you need to put lot of efforts  to make your blog a brand. You can refer blogging as a career video of harsh aggarwal, ashish sinha & arun prabudesai, They have explained very well.

  1. According to You, What are the essential requirements to become a successful blogger in term of skills?

I would say:

  • Time Management
  • Dedication
  • Patience
  • Focus
  1. Do You Think Earning by Blogging is the Best Way to Earn Money Online? And How Newbie Can Earn Money By Their Blogs?

Newbies can only earn money if they focus on blog properly instead of spamming they should focus on creating good content which solves users queries. Content should give solution to their problems. So by valuable content to readers bloggers can make money. Also good relationship with fellow bloggers always help to make money so focus on building healthy relationships. This will help to mint more money.

  1. What advice can you give to us (com)to improve our blog.

I was going through triposoft,design of blog is good but you need to add some call to action buttons, use good subscription box option.

Don’t show sharing options below the excerpts.  Footer is very dull add some good stuff there. Add some good menu option on header bar. Add enticing contact form on this blog. Write more about us page. Share your story there.

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Harshit Jain is a tech-savvy blogger. He is graduated from Mumbai University. He likes to share his knowledge through his own blog at TripoSoft, Best Beard Trimmer, Best Electric Toothbrush & TechHug as well as by writing guest articles on other blogging sites. Follow him on Facebook, Google+, Twitter.


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