5 Best iPad/iPod Paid Apps to Educate Kids with Fun!

Kids are the future generation of this planet! As this line says so, we need to educate our children in smart way without creating any bore sense. If you like to educate them through iPad Mini then you can do it so! There are many apps for educating our children in the way of entertainment which make them peace and happy. If you’re looking for best iPad Mini applications to educate at the same with fun for babies, then you are in right place.

5 Best iPad/iPod Paid Apps to Educate Kids with Fun!

Here I’ve some handpicked apps for educating your kids in smart way which can be used in iPad Mini. Surely these apps will be loved by your kids and they love to use iPad and iPad Mini. Before allowing those to use iPads and iPad mini make sure that you have good screen protection because they may use in childish way. Here let’s take a look over the Five best iPad Mini Apps for Kids & Babies.

5 Best iPad Mini Paid Apps for Kids

#1 It’s a Small World

It’s a Small World is a best app for iPad from Disney. This app is based on the Sherman Brothers Song Lyrics with simple best attractive story which make tends to find new friends and people even to think about the feature. Here the baby will be travelling all around the world over snowy regions and via oceans. There may be different surprises and creative ideas which makes the kids to love them. This app allows the kids to sing along with the music in the music festival which make the kids to feel better and cool!
This app is not a freeware, it costs just $3.99. The latest version of this app is 1.3 and the approximate size of this app will be less than 130 MB. You can download It’s a Small World from iTunes. For easy access you can click the below link which will direct to the download destination.

#2 Star Walk HD

Star Walk HD is a popular app on education field for kids though it has won the Apple Design Award 2010. This app will be best for the kids who have a dream to become astronauts and who interested in space & sky. Because this app will guide the kids about sky and more by offering everything in real time and they will fly over 200,000 celestial space objects by giving information about every star and every space bodies. Here the design is so awesome and it has more over six millions users and lovers. Surely every kid should need to use this app atleast once in their life, because if they use it once they will be attracted to its design and they love to use it again and again.
As like the above app this app is also not a freeware. This app costs just $2.99 which can be downloaded from iTunes. The latest version is 6.11 and the file size will be 120 MB.
Download Start Walk HD App from iTunes

#3 Fish School HD

Fish School is another best app under this case. Fish School HD id developed by Duck Duck Mouse. Here the kids are allowed to play with numbers, letters, shapes, colors, matching games, etc. This app has won the 2011 Parents Choice Gold Award which is awarded by Parents choice Foundation. This is a best app for having fun and to educate in awesome way. All the kids need to do is, just swipe the fish to move them front or back direction. This process can change the direction of numbers, letters, shapes, colors and more. This app can teach you all about numbers, letters, shapes, colors, and more.
This app cost just $1.99 and the latest version is 1.1.1 which is sized about 24MB. You can download this app from iTunes by clicking the below URL.

#4 Bubbles

There are no words to describe this app because this app is loved by many kids around the world. As the developer says his own story about Bubbles about his son which charms the real fact. So try it out in your iPad by downloading it from here. It cost just $0.99 which the file is sized less than 16 MB.

#5 The Monster at the End of this Book        

This is an awesome app for all kids which express real story. Kids can read the story by experiencing the real situation which makes to feel real right into the story. This will be their favorite story after reading looking through this app.  Here the kids will be more active while reading stories and they may inspire from the creative animations.
The cost of this application will be around $5 which the version will be 3.3 and the size of this file is about 174 MB. You can download this app from iTunes by clicking the below given link.
Tips: You can transfer education apps between iPhone, iPad, iPod with iPhone manager.
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