IP Telephony: What It Is, Advantages and How It Reduces Your Business Billing

#1 What is IP Telephony?

IP telephony as such is a variant of telephony that instead of using the traditional telephone network, uses the Internet.

Within IP telephony is what is known as “the new IP telephony” which are the lines of WebRTC. WebRTC is an open source technology developed by Google that allows voice calls, file sharing and video calls through the browser.

What is telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a variant of marketing that refers to the service of selling or promoting a product or service over the phone.

Soon this definition will become obsolete because thanks to WebRTC it is possible to perform telemarketing through any device connected to the Internet. Now telemarketing is available from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


#2 Advantages of IP telephony for your business

The advantages of IP telephony are numerous, but the main ones for your business are:

  • Savings: For companies with a large volume of calls, the savings are significant because the calls are made over the Internet.


  • Mobility: Nowadays there is internet connection in most houses, restaurants and even free wifi in the cities, so it will be possible to take with you the fixed number of your business when you leave the office.


  • No special devices: There is no need to buy special equipment or download software, so it will be possible to access the landline number from any device, regardless of whether we have used it before or not.


  • New or ported number: IP telephony allows that if you already have an advertised business telephone number, you can portray it and convert it into an IP telephone line.


  • Virtual PBX: IP telephony supports the configuration of PBX services stored in the cloud. These include features such as call recording, voice mailboxes, synchronization of call history…


  • No roaming: One of the great advantages of not using the traditional telephone network is that there are no borders to the Internet and therefore roaming is not applicable. You can call from anywhere in the world at the price of a national call.


  • Professional image: IP telephony lines are fixed numbered, so you can keep the image of a serious and professional company.


Why does it save money for telemarketing?

The main disadvantage of telemarketing is the high cost of making a large volume of calls, and in many cases without recovering the investment.

Telemarketing, despite being a very effective sales technique, has seen a decrease in the number of customer conversions in recent years. This is due to e-commerce and the frenetic pace of society that makes spending 2 minutes on the phone listening to a commercial offer an effort.

Thanks to IP telephony, the telephony costs of companies that use telemarketing as a sales technique can be reduced and thus increase ROI.


#3 In what cases is it recommended to hire a VoIP phone line?

VoIP telephony lines adapt very well to any type of company, but they are particularly useful for companies that handle a large volume of calls and for those in which their workers need mobility on the telephone line.

For example, a small architectural studio in which architects have to go out continuously to check works and make bureaucratic arrangements, they need a telephone service that offers mobility while maintaining a professional business image by advertising a fixed number as a contact telephone.

Also for entrepreneurs who continually have to travel abroad, as they will avoid paying for roaming and will not have to pay the costs of international calls. Let’s not forget that telemarketing is any commercial action with the purpose of selling through telephony, so it does not matter if it is a room full of operators making calls or a single person who is responsible for calling customers and potential customers to offer the services of a company.

In addition, another of the cases in which IP lines are particularly useful are companies that are in rural environments and in which the signal of the traditional telephone network is weak, since through the wifi they will be able to call and receive calls without interruptions and with good audio quality.


#4. I want to start saving. What should I hire?

To contract an IP telephony line is really simple. The first thing you must do is evaluate what the real needs of your company are, what volume of calls you make and receive, and according to this, choose the rate that best suits the needs of the company.

In Fonvirtual we offer three types of plans according to the minutes you need and you will be able to contract your IP line simply by accessing the web. The IP line service includes the telephone number that you will show with your IP line. You also have the option of hiring the service with a new fixed number, or carrying a fixed number that you already have.

It is also possible to add a number of advanced features that provide value to the telemarketing service that the company offers. Some of these features are:

  • Caller ID
  • Personalized voicemail
  • Call recording and certification
  • Voice recognition and call transcription
  • Possibility of sending SMS

Once the line has been contracted and the desired functionalities have been added, you only need to enter the operator’s platform from a device connected to the Internet, a headset and a microphone to start using IP telephony.

In addition to the PBX, or virtual numbers, another innovative service really useful for this type of companies that want to take advantage of IP telephony is the Call Center software. This service allows you to handle your company’s calls in the most professional and efficient way possible thanks to the ACD cloud solution. As we have seen, the Call center software also makes use of WebRTC technology.

Finally, it should be noted that although IP telephony adapts to different companies and even to domestic use, it has a clear focus on the telemarketing sector as it offers many advantages, fits the needs of the activity and also means a reduction in costs. Soon all telemarketing companies will use IP telephony to make and receive business calls.


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