iStonsoft Android File Manager – Review

Android is an Operating System that is developed by Google over the years and is used by many around the world. Nevertheless to say that Android is the most used term in the mobile users for the past few years. According to a survey, most of the youth are attracted towards the usage of android phones when it comes to relating them to their daily activities. This shows that how a person can be addicted to a Smartphone with an android Operating System. There are countless uses with an android device.

iStonsoft Android File Manager - Review

This operating system supports various applications and features that are useful for them in many ways. When it comes to the managing of an android device, it’s an herculean task for anyone. Precisely if you’re linking your most of your daily tasks with an android device, then it must be really difficult for you. Here comes an android manager tool, iStonsoft Android Manager. This helps you in managing the applications in it and thus it makes the way easy for you to manage it.

Why you need an Android Manager?

There is probability for you to lose the data any day and you may find it difficult to retrieve it and by using an Android Manager, you can get it back easily. Here I’m listing the features to use iStonsoft Android Manager.

Backup Everything from you Android Devices to Computer.

How to backup contact on android

Do you have this question then this tool allows you to manage the applications and data on your android device by creating backup when you connect it to the computer. Thus the important data can be saved easily without any restrictions. 

Right-hand Contact & SMS Assistant

You can transfer and edit contacts easily through vCard files, Windows, Address Book, Windows Live Mail and Outlook. You can also add contacts to your phone and unduplicate the contacts.

Group texting in this tool can save you time. Since texting to your friends one by one will be a time consuming task, you can use for group texting. You can use it to send messages to multiple people on your computer and also you can manage a phone call when on computer directly just like hang it off and reply with message to the call.

You can import and export SMS messages and backup them as .xml and .txt file extensions on your computer, and import them from your android phone to the computer.

Quickly Install/Uninstall and Organize Apps

The interesting thing about android Operating System is that it supports many applications and multiple games in it. So, it becomes difficult for anyone to install and uninstall on your device. By using the program developed by iStonsoft, you can do them on your computer itself. You can either install it or uninstall it when connected to the computer.

Extra Features of Android File Manager.

  • Using this Android file manager, you can easily set your favorite music as the notification ringtone or phone alarm.
  • iStonsoft software supports various brands like HTC, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, ZTE, LG, HUAWEI, Dell and many others. You can manage multiple devices simultaneously and transfer the data without limitation.
  • You can conveniently manage the SD card when connected to the computer.
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