How to justify text in Gmail?

justfy text in gmailHello Everyone, Gmail is one of the best free Email services provided by Google, Gmail have huge number of user and daily millions of mail are sending and receiving through Gmail, Gmail have over all fantastic and really clean and superb features, but few days ago when I was writing email to my friend, I note down one thing that there in no option to justify text, means you can’t justify text in Gmail, without justifying text email looks very odd and surely no one will like it, you can check out some below screen shot that how email looks without justifying text.

justfy text in gmail

Now question is how to justify text in Gmail? Don’t worry guys, today at I will share one easy way to justify text in Gmail, yes you can justify text in Gmail easily, simply follow the below step to justify text in Gmail editor.

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Requirements to justify text in Gmail       

1) Internet Connection 😛

2) Microsoft Word

Step to Justify text in Gmail

1) First of all write your mail in Gmail, It’s up to you

2) After writing your mail text, simply copy the all text, by simply using CTRL+A & CTRL+C

3) Now open Microsoft word.

justfy text in gmail

4) After that paste your copied mail into the Microsoft word

5) Now simply press CTRL+A

6) After that click on Justify icon which is situated in above menu bar (With Text alignment box)

7) Now you will find that your text is now justified

justfy text in gmail

8) After that copy your text from MS word to Gmail using CTRL+C & CTRL+V

9) Woo!! Now you will find that your text is now justified in Gmail also.

That’s it guys, I hope you like our simple way to justify text into the Gmail compose box (Editor), If you still have any query or doubt regarding above article content then tell us via below comment box, we will try to solve your issue as soon as possible, Also don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social networking sites.

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