What Is Kodi? Everything You Need to Know

Here is Kodi for you! In this article, we will provide a brief review on Kodi. If you are a television, multimedia fan, i.e. Sports, movie or TV show fan, Kodi are best for you. Basically, Kodi is a free, open source software whose main aim is to provide its user’s home entertainment. The software comes totally free. Coders and developers of all over the world work on this wonderful software to gift you the best customization option. Today, it comes with plenty add-ons as well, If you want the how to tutorials related to kodi refer website kodi for you,  here you will get all the information related to Kodi.



You will be able to change Kodi’s appearance by application of a variety of skins.

You will be able to stream media online through Kodi plug-ins from Amazon Prime Instant Video, Spotify, Rhapsody, YouTube, Pandora Internet Radio, Crackle and many more.

You will be able to record personal video.

  You will be able to enjoy TV shows and programs.


Kodi turns any digital gadget like a desktop or tablet into a digital streamer. It allows users to stream files not only from the internet database but also from local storage or home network. The best part is, you have no licensing restriction to access like in the case of other TV streamers like Chrome Cast or AppleTV or Amazon Fire TV Stick. Kodi allows you to download plenty community built add-ons and apps.

It is compatible with Linux, OS X, Android, Windows, and also Raspberry Pi. However, iOS users can also enjoy Kodi but that’s a bit tricky. The iOS device should be jailbroken before installation of Kodi.

Kodi’s UI can read and stream data within a distance of 10ft away.

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Legal / Illegal –

Frankly, at times Kodi’s name has been dragged by media reports for streaming illegal content. And it is true that in the recent past, Kodi has been used to perform illegal activities like streaming pirated media, streaming copyright protected media, live streaming of sports broadcasts and much more. Some users have taken advantage of Kodi’s open nature and the over friendly add–ons and plug-ins worked in their favor.

Some users even misused Kodi by loading the software in “Kodi box” hardware devices. The irony is that Kodi box hardware devices have no direct or indirect connection with Kodi. On the other hand, these Kodi boxes were made to sell on renowned eCommerce sites like Amazon and Ebay.

However, Kodi it is not illegal to use at all.

The Pros and Cons-


  • It is more than just another media streamer and playful.
  • Plenty add-ons and plug-ins for your support.
  • It supports literally all audio and video file formats.
  • As soon as you log in and configure your Kodi account, your files will be automatically available in each and every Kodi connected device.
  • Free of cost.


  • Easy to perform illegal activities like streaming of pirated media, streaming of copyright protected media, live streaming of sports broadcasts and much more.


We recommend you to download and install Kodi and connect it with your digital devices to enjoy its benefits. If you have any queries, mention it in the comments section below, or how to tutorials related to kodi refer my friend’s website kodi for you”

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