Interview with Ankit Singla – Shared On Page & Off Page SEO Tips..!!

Today we are going to interview most popular blogging star  & SEO Expert Ankit Singla who is very good at On Page SEO & SMO concepts and always generates very fresh content to his readers. So lets have a look about him and let him reveal his strategies, also check our preview Interview with Jitendra Vaswani who shares money making tips with us.

ankit Singhla - interview

Q1) Hello Ankit, Tell me something about yourself and also about your amazing blog!

Hi Harshit, thanks for inviting me here.

I’m a college dropout self-taught blogger and Internet marketer from India. When I started blogging 5 years back, I had no idea what blogging is. I feel proud to say that now I’m a well-known blogger and in the month of Nov 2014 I got a chance to speak on National news channel NDTV about “Blogging as a Career”.

This all comes true because of my blog where I help novice bloggers to learn every baby step to making a successful blog.

Q2) What are your strategies for Recent Google Update & did you see any drop in traffic of your site.

Although there are many INTERESTING Google updates, but I love Google Panda and Google Penguin updates the most. The reason is these both updates encourage me to perform better than earlier.

From last two updates, my traffic stat is just increasing, and I tell you why:

To protect blog from Penguin Penalty: I don’t participate in link building activities. Yes, I don’t build a single backlink manually (in the sake to only create backlink). Most of the time I get natural backlinks and you can also learn how to get them through my blog post – how to get natural backlinks (PS: Don’t forget to read top internet marketers’ comments there.)

To protect my blog from Panda Update: Google Panda penalize those blogs that have low quality or thin content. If you visited my blog in recent time, then you would probably know that I improved my content quality a lot. Now I just work to provide the solution to my readers. They interact with my content and share it too. It helps my blog to retain in top search results always.

Q3) Currently on which blogs you are active and if possible then also share their traffic stats with us.

Although I have two blogs that are and but I always am active most of the time on my main blog i.e BTT.

As I said earlier, recent two Google updates helped me to increase my blog traffic and still it’s increasing on a daily basis. Right now, I’m getting 1200 UV per day. I know it’s not huge but for me it’s more than enough that help me to make real cash from my blog.

Do you want to know the reason?

It’s because of the targeted audience. I don’t bother about traffic. I focus on targeted traffic only and do I need to mention targeted traffic gives more conversion.

Q4) You are a professional blogger, and every newbie and expert always try to learn from you..!! How do you feel about it?

I follow one simple rule in my life: Success comes with experience and experience comes with bad experiences. I follow many great internet marketers to learn from their good and bad time. It’s a process where we all learn from each other. If someone is following me, then it’s my pleasure, and I promise to keep sharing my learning.

While following others, don’t lose yourself. Maintain your originality. What you would say about this quote:

Instead of wishing you were someone else, be proud of who you are.
You never know who has been looking at you wishing they were you.

Q5) What SEO strategies do you recommend?

Although in Ans of Ques 2, I have revealed my SEO strategies but still I would like to recommend these:

  1. Blog comments are blog soul – Accept it or not, the maximum comments you will get, the higher your posts will rank because of UGC (User Generated Content).

If you already are not focusing on getting more blog comments, or if you are not responding comments on your blog, then start doing it from today itself.

Must have a read onIs It Worth Responding to Blog Comments? – by Neil Patel

  1. Solve readers’ problem – Don’t just write to write. Filler content never works for long. Always look for your readers’ problems and try to help them as much as possible.

If you start replying comments on your blog, you will notice which problems your readers are facing and what they are expecting you to write about.

  1. Relationship Blogging – Be a relationship blogger and try to create a blog community around your blog. I promise, you will forget about building backlinks. You can have a look at my detailed guide on how to build a blog community.

Q6) Share some On page and Off page SEO Tips with our blog readers.

I love ON page SEO that is like icing on the cake. While improving my articles readability, I optimize them for search engines too.  Like Heading tags, Image SEO, Use of LSI keywords, trustworthy outbound links, descriptive internal links and readers engagement (blog comments and social shares).

Seriously, if you focus on right ON page SEO tactics, there is no need of OFF page SEO. But to give your content a quick boost, you must share them as much as you can.  You must read this guide from Ana Hoffman about how to promote your blog.

Q7) Now days; Viral content blogs are in trend, what’s your view on it? Is it good for long term..!!

Ahh… I love such content. They make me laugh a lot.

If your content is evergreen and you have a great readers’ engagement then, it will work for long for sure. No matter what type of content you are writing, if your readers are enjoying it, your blog have a bright future.

Q8) Share your view about Event & Micro niche blogging.

I’m not fond of event niche blogging, but micro niche blogging is something that we all must give it a try at least once. Writing detailed, and informative content on a particular (micro) subject can easily bring you on the top of search engines.

But it is not as easy as it sounds. You must have the skills to do the effective keyword analysis and competition analysis. These both are the key of success in micro niche blogging.

Q9) What Are Your Relationship Building and Outreach Skills?

Relationship matters a lot even in blogging too. One can easily build solid relations and improve their outreach skills by using a single powerful tool i.e Comments.

Comment section is the only place with high success rate to interact with others. You should start from leaving high valuable comments on others’ blogs and try to interact with the blog owner. Sooner or later, you’ll get comments from those bloggers too on your blog.

It depends on you, how powerful relations you want to build with others. For me, sharing others content, leaving genuine  and value-adding comments, and mentioning them in my blog posts (outbound links) works best. Would you believe I got a backlink from Ana Hoffman’s blog i.e.

Q10) Do You Share Your Strategies Transparently With the SEO Community?

My content and relationship blogging skills do all the things for me. If you want to call them strategies, then I just shared everything with you and your audience in earlier questions 😉

Q11) Give me some tips to improve my blog

For you and other bloggers too, I would like to share one TIP that will surely help to improve your blog.

Write in the series!

Either you have a multi-niche blog or single niche blog; you must write in the series. Write multiple articles on the same topic and internal link all of them. Your blog will start to rank in top search results.

Q12) Would you like to say anything to our readers?

I believe learning from other’s experience is a good practice. Whatever I shared here are my real life experiences. I hope you guys would take these points into action and wish you good luck for your blogging career.

I appreciate Harshit and you all to give your precious time in reading my words. Stay Blessed!

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    These days i am focusing on On Page SEO but i think we should focus on On page SEO as well as Off Page SEO.And now i understood the real fact of blog commenting.The maximum positive comments you post on blogs the maximum you will get the traffic.


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