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Email marketing is not a new term for those who are already in internet marketing, but still it’s a new term for newbies here. Email marketing is nothing but form of marketing strategy in business to promote and share your blogs via emails. Not just blogs, the list goes on with services, products and much more with your subscribers. Internet marketing experts say that collecting emails is a good strategy and it will be better if it’s done from the day one of blogging. This post is all about how to maintain an email list and use it for the long terms.


Email is one of the fundemental strategies in internet marketing if you want to make money from your blog on a serious note. There are many internet marketing tools available now a days for some premium price. But the best email marketing tool that is easy to use is MailGet, which is also very affordable. Here is my review about MailGet.

MailGet Review

MailGet Review : The Best Marketing Tool For Small Business

If you have just started blogging, then I can guess that it will be very tight in terms of finance. You just can’t trust anything blindly  just by seeing the cover of a product right? Coming to the email tools, choosing the best one at an affordable price is the tough one. The product that I’m going to review is the best one in email marketing and hence I suggest you to use MailGet, powered by FormGet. FormGet is the tool related to forms.

What Is MailGet ?

MailGet logo and review picMailGet is nothing but an email client and a perfect solution for the one who are seeking the best and affordable email marketing service. Guess you have some 1000 subscribers and have to send a mass emails via Amazon SES, you can choose this one.

Also, MailGet is the best one because you don’t have to have any technical experience to use it. It can be used and access by anyone in their first trail itself.

MailGet Review : Features

  1. Friendly User Interface : Like I said in the above words, MailGet is very easy to access for professional purposes. As I told you email marketing is one of the important ways to approach readers at a place, having an email list with this type of interface will surely have a positive impact on your website.

MailGet REview

  1. Tracking Email is very easy : Tracking emails that are already sent to the customers is very easy. You can check the details like:
  • How many users have checked the mail
  • How many have clicked on the link provided
  • How many of them have subscriber
  1. Unlimited Emails : This is a combo pack in my view because it permits you to send unlimited emails at an affordable cost. Since sending mails could probably increase your relationship with readers and customers, it can also helps in building a strong community like us
  2. Easy Management : Managing the email list like importing and exporting the lists is easy and it takes only a few seconds to do that.

Various MailGet Plans :

There are three different plans available in MailGet:

MailGet REview

Plan 1

You can go with this plan if you are a newbie. This allows you to send 10,000 emails from the list at a low cost of $29.

Plan 2

If you have an experience in blogging and have good enough email subscribers, then you can go with this which allows to send up to 50,000 emails at the cost of $49.

Plan 3

This plan is useful for them who have more than 1,00,000 email subscribers and this is available at $79.

The prices mentioned above are very less when compared to the other email service providers. I’m sure you will be amazed at the price variation.

Quick Guide to build email on Mail Get

Final word:

This is my personal recommendation for small businesses as well as for the new bloggers. You can’t ignore the importance of email marketing in today’s blogging world.

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    I request you to please mention all the details properly in the article, like the email service provides 10,000 emails at a single point of time or for the whole month. I had to google to search that.

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