What is EmoSPARK? How to Earn with EmoSPARK Referral Program?

Do you every Heard about Artificial Intelligence?  Do you have any idea about Artificial intelligence? Here is an answer for all…Here is an new product about it called EmoSPARK. Cool!!

What is EmoSPARK? How to Earn with EmoSPARK Referral Program?

What is EmoSPARK?

EmoSPARK the First Artificial Intelligence (A.I) Home Console. The Emospark is a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi android cube that lets you to know and collects your emotions. The emotions includes anger, happiness, pain and more to it. This totally works on Artificial Interlligences. This cube will create prfile and store an individual unique behavior, reaction and by this it will create a unique Emotional Profile Graph for every users seperatoly. The cubes are designed to feel your feeling, pain and happiness.

What is EmoSPARK? How to Earn with EmoSPARK Referral Program?

The EmoSPARK can answer and project answers in over 39 million topics. The cube is desinged with more than 2 million lines of data. It has Android power so it lets to create and interact with emotions through converstion, music and media. By measuring your emotions, it try to make yourself happy. And, This is one of the biggest project on Indiegogo. So, they need us to promote their new products, in means of Affiliate Program.

EmoSPARK Affiliate Program:

The basic price of this product is about $224. This is not a permantnet one in further it can be increased depending upon the usage of people. So, if you help them to seel this product you can make a commission of $25 on every sale which acts as an Affiliate Program. Do you interested to join this program? Let’s see how to join this program…

How to Join the EmoSPARK Affiliate Program

Step 1: Go to Indiegogo and Create a new account for free.
Step 2: Then once you are signed up you can notice a box like this shown below,

Step 3: Just copy the given in the “share the campaign” box.
Step 4: Then share it on your social media or blog/Website the place you need to promote it.
Step 5: Share this with your friends and make them to buy, or even you can buy from your affiliate link and start making your first commission of $25 and enjoy!!.

Join EmoSPARK Referral Program Here!

Here is a Official Video Preview about the Working of EmoSPARK. Take a look over it! Share your thoughts in comments!! Cheers:)

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