3 Best Prank Call Websites to Make your Friends Freak!

Want to prank your friends? Bored with routine life? Then try something different and funny. So the best way will be Making Prank Calls to your friends and have some fun for a while. Prank call is nothing call from other number or with unknown numbers. You can even call your friends with their own number too! These things can surely gonna to freak your friends. I tried it on my side and my friends really got scared of it! Wanna to try with your friends? Wanna to send SMS?

3 Best Prank Call Websites to Make your Friends Freak!

Don’t know How to make a prank call? Then this post can guide you better on this case! This in post I’m gonna to share the best online sites to make Prank Calls. These websites are the best on their service and they have more popularity on this case! Do you like to check it out? Here we goes,

My advice is not to play pranks with weak heart & sensitive persons. They may get attack and indulge you in some problem too! Don’t hurt them! So make sure of it, before performing this trick 😛

How to Make Prank Calls & Send Prank SMS

#1 Prank Dial

As the name denotes it process you should have known about its service. Prank Dial is the best prank call sites which can used for free. This site will be exciting for the prankers too! This online tool has many features and tons of database of pranks. So you can choose any one from the database which suits for your friends and start pranking. The best thing here will the Preview feature. Before making a prank call to your friends, you can make sure how its works and more. But here users are allowed to make only 3 prank calls per day for free.

How to get started?

  • Join the site via Facebook or with mail id.
  • Then choose the Prank Dial from database by clicking “Select the Best Prank which suits your Friend”.
  • Now enter the mobile number to whom you want to make prank call.
  • Then choose the caller id which you want to display on their (friend) mobile disply.
  • Click the Send button and enjoy!

#2 Foxycall

You might have heard about Foxyfox, but this is totally different form it! Next to Prank call this online tool will be best site to make prank calls and SMS. Foxycall has huge list of prerecorded prank calls which can makes your work simple. All you is just to enter your friend mobile number and caller id. The best thing here will the Naming the Caller ID i.e, you can choose caller id as “MS Dhoni”. Even this service is allowing the users to record the response of your friend and it will be useful to share it with all your friends in future.

How to get Started?

  • Visit Foxycall page and join the site.
  • Then enter your friend number and choose the pre-loaded prank calls.
  • Now type the caller id and name to prank your friends.
  • Then make a call and enjoy guys!

#3 Wackyprankcalls

Wackyprankcalls is the another best online tool for making prank calls. If you’re trying to create some funny mood and to execute practical comedy with your friends? The prank call service is a paid one. Okay, give a try out this!

How to get Stared?

Go Wackyprankcalls website and at right-top you can find a mobile number. Otherwise follow my guides,

  • Dial 0905 105 0000 from your mobile.
  • Then Press 1 to choose the prank.
  • Now Enter your friends mobile number and sit back.
  • Wait for your friends response/reaction. It would be so exciting!
  • That’s it!

Hope this post ends up with an informative things. Do you feel that this post made your happy for a while? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in comments below. Have some fun 😉

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