Make Your Front Camera To Flash While Snapping

You can get flash camera at the rear. But in some mobile flash light is present in Front facing camera. These lights are not present in all front facing camera. The main usage of using Flash Lights is to bright the snap which was taken during night time. If you’re looking for a flash in your front camera then now you can fix this problem with a new Android App called “Front Flash”. This is an Android App. So it will not works on other devices. Sorry for that…

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What is Front Flash

From the name itself you can get the answer. Front Flash is an Android Apps which helps you to take a photo in Front camera with flash for the mobile which don’t have Front Flash. Don’t think that, this apps will lights while snapping an image. Actually, by using this application it will increases the brightens you phone screen while using front cameras. This will be surely useful while snapping pictures during night time using front cameras. Well this app has inbuilt camera features.

Make Your Front Camera To Flash Using Front Flash

You can even adjust your brightness of the screen. When you stop running this app on your mobile then your the brightness will go and your default brightness will be set for your screen. The main feature of this app is to store your captured photos and you can share it with your friends by using the inbuilt Facebook and Twitter sharing features. Not only Facebook and Twitter, it has many famous social networks which let you to share quickly. Even you can send email and text messages with your captured photo.

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Front Flash is available at free of cost. It is available in the Google play store. In this app you can see any ads though it was free, it is an ad free app. Start Snapping from today using this new Front Flash app.

Download Front Flash from Play Store

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