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In recent years, the advertising world has not only expanded but it is changing significantly over the years. Everyone wants to maximize their share of return from any kind of investment. Likewise, here, the advertisers want to maximize the money they invested in advertising and the advertisement publishers simply wants to maximize their earning.

Looking for generating the right lead and proper monetization method is a pretty boring work but it is one of the essential parts of online advertising. The idea is not only to get a good monetary return through a large number of audiences but to retain the audience and expand the audience circle. The most feasible way to retain the audience and expand the absolute number of audience is if the advertisers get hold of user’s email address. In this way, they can send push notification to the users along with deliverance of the respective service. Review- Push Notification Ad Network is a new ad network in the market. It allows advertisers to send advertisements as push notifications. If you are an affiliate marketer or simply a blog owner who is constantly looking for effective, innovative as well as creative ways to optimize your ad campaigns then might be what you are looking for. is an awesome tool to drive new people to your website by engaging a more and more audience. It can be said that is not only a more easy to use tool but also an effective one to gain more control over your online advertisement campaigns than other affiliate marketing tools. In this article, we will review this wonderful advertisement marketing tool.

Now, before we start with tool, we believe everyone should have a proper idea of push notifications.

What is a Push Notification?

A Push Notification is nothing other than an advertising message that pops on your mobile. Application publishers can send these push notifications anytime. Users don’t have to necessarily use their device during that period in order to receive them. Certainly, they don’t even have to be on the applications!  A push notification is simply an ad notification. It can be a coupon code, an event details, a sports score, a new update, some news, or anything else. These notifications psychologically manipulate users to take an action desired by the advertiser. For example, one might end up with a purchasing decision from an ecommerce website which sent him/her a free 10% discount coupon through push notification. This is how it works.

However, to be practical, Push Notifications has already become something very annoying these days so whether there is a future of push notification or not solely depends upon the brand value and purpose of the notification. The least that can be said in favor of advertiser’s ethics is that they should take Push notification as a privilege and not as a right. Regardless of what might be the future of push notification, the focus should always be on creating relevant and useful notifications for users. If users start getting irrelevant and useless notifications, they will not only lose their interest on such platforms but the whole purpose of push notification will be lost. Now, let us come to our main focus:!

What is

We have already told you that is a new ad networking tool in the market which is promising enough to sustain in the competitive market longer than its competitors. Now, the best part of this tool is that it comes with only one page. This one page interface not only makes it a very user friendly and easy to handle tool but fast and effective as well. All you have to do is enter the basic information about your online advertisement campaign such as the targeted link, the campaign name, campaign details, and target country. Next, you upload relevant images and enter your CPC bid. Review- Push Notification Ad Network tool’s user dashboard is more or less similar to what you must have noticed with other ad networking tools. Your main statistics such as the total number of clicks, online advertisement expenditure per day and per month will be shown on the main page. You will be showed yesterday’s top 10 campaigns and the overall top campaign, their number of clicks, their targeted country of campaign and total expenditure. The next list displays you the top 10 active countries for successful ad campaigns across the network. You will also be displayed a bar graph of your ad campaign performance in time series. That is not all! There is also a bonus added feature which gives you points based on your deposit amounts. For example, putting $500 earns you 1 point and putting $5000 earns you 20 points. As far as ad budget is concerned, each MP is worth $15 but you are eligible to exchange a minimum of 10 MP at a particular time. There is also a referral program, which offers 7% commission of the total payment by a partner whom you referred to use

Your targeted geographical location will be directly responsible regarding how much you can bid as your CPC. For example, India’s average CPC bid is 0.3 cents, Russia’s average CPC bid is 8.9 cents, Turkey’s average CPC bid is 1.3 cents,  Kazakhstan’s average CPC bid is 6.1 cents, Egypt’s average CPC bid is 0.2 cents. Review- Push Notification Ad Network

There will be a moderation process before configuring your ad campaign and submitting it for approval. However, it won’t take much time. The moderation process is fast as well as efficient. During regular working hours, which is from 8 AM to 11 PM (GMT + 3) for Monday to Friday and 8 AM to 5 PM (GMT + 3) for Saturdays and Sundays, the moderation process takes just around 30 minutes time from the date of sending the campaign. Up next, we will teach you how to create an online advertisement campaign with

How to create an online advertisement campaign with Review- Push Notification Ad Network

We already told you that the process consists of only a single page. All you have to do is click on “new campaign” which you will find in the left sidebar. Next, you have to provide the basic ad campaign details. You have to provide: a campaign name which is for your own reference, a target URL for the link, a title which can be of 30 characters maximum and a message which can be of 45 characters maximum. The title and the message will appear in the push notification ad. Here, you can also insert emojis. Up next, you have to upload the icon and primary image for your campaign. The icon should be of 192 x 192 pixels and the primary image should be of 492 x 328 pixels. After that, you set your targeted browser, targeted country, CPC bid and you are done. After selecting the start and end time and the ad network, you can click on ‘Preview’ to see what your push notification ad looks like. Click on ‘Create’ to submit it for the moderation process.

Conclusion offers you 24*7 support services and it gets nearly 12 million clicks per day. We will suggest you to use this tool for your website or blog and see the changes. If you want to share your personal experience of using with us, feel free to comment in the ‘Comments’ section below. We wish your blog more traffic with this tool!

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