Some Mind Blowing iOS Apps you May Not Know About

It’s clear from this year’s statistics that the most used mobile OS is Android and its number of users is increasing day by day. Because of its popularity Nokia also adopted Android OS and now its latest devices feature Android in them. Although, Android is the market leader but it’s not very much popular among high quality conscious mobile users, because they still love iDevices. The only reason I’ve find for this much likeness is the quality of software and hardware of iOS devices. If you want to be delighted with Android like features on iOS then you can jailbreak your iOS device with Pangu or Evasi0n.

I’ve searched some iOS apps that are more than incredible because most iOS users don’t know that these apps actually exist. So, let’s discuss about these mind blowing iOS apps without further ado.

Top iOS Apps you May Not Know About



I’m sure this PhotoMath iOS app will blow your mind up because of its unbelievable features. If this app is used for ethical purposes then it’s really useful and beneficial for school and college students. Suppose you are alone and stick in a math question and aren’t able to solve it without the help of a teacher; you can take a picture of that question and PhotoMath will solve that math problem for you and will also provide you with steps for that question’s answer, isn’t it awesome?. This app is free in iOS store and you can only solve printed math questions, hand written questions aren’t supported yet.



It’s another app that works with iOS device’s camera. I’m sure you search in Google or in any other search engine at-least one time in a day, how would you feel if someone else searches on your behalf? also there are lots of things we see in our daily life that we’re not aware of, Camfind is a fabulous iOS app that helps you to find anything by just from its picture. You’re required to capture any object, person, animal or anything else’s photo and this app will identify the object and start finding it in search engine. I’ve tested this app and it identifies objects and searches them with an excellent accuracy. Camfind is also free and you can get it from app store.

SMS Scheduler


It’s usual with our young generation that they are fond of forgetting things; also I personally forget to wish events and also birthdays to my loved ones. SMS scheduler is another gem that allows its users to send sms from iOS device on a pre-set date and time. For example, if your friend has a birthday in this month then you can type a birthday sms for him and schedule that written sms for the date of his birthday. Moreover, you can subscribe for any free sms package and can schedule unlimited sms for any upcoming event with SMS scheduler app. The app only works with your SIM card and wouldn’t work with any internet website like smspunch that is used to send free sms in Pakistan; their interface isn’t compatible with internet website at all. SMS Scheduler is also free and can be found in app store.

iSafe Spy


Privacy has the superior importance in everybody’s life, because of these privacy concerns people are buying premium services and apps to secure their data from hackers and data snatchers. iSafe Spy is an iOS app that provides you a free service to password protect your data. Nobody will be able to enter in your locked folders without entering the required password.

This app is an easy-to-use iPhone transfer, especially in transferring photos/videos/musics/ebooks on iPhone to other iDevices and to PC. When your iPhone is connected with IOTransfer, you’re able to export and import photos/videos/music between iDevices, including iPhone/iPad/iPod. After a few tests on IOTransfer, I found it easier-to-use than iTunes with simple interface and faster transferring speed.”

All of these apps have been picked by our editors, if you’ve any other app that you think is capable of being addition here, please let us know via commenting on this article.

Author Bio: Hammad Rafique is working as marketing manager at Intellisoft Solutions software company and love to share his experience regarding iOS and Windows with others.

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