Introduction To Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Review

Humanbeings wants are unlimited, once a want gets satisfied another want takes its place. Perhaps, we humans don’t have abundant resources to fulfil all our wants. So in this run of survival, we all get to stop at different stages of life due to different blocks.

Blocks which seems, that can’t be broken but,  when there is a will, there’s always a way. With good guidance, practical experience,one on one conversation, sharing opinions one can always find a way to unblock their abundance.

Mindvalley  take this moment to assist you to unblock your abundance in all possible ways.

Being Human is often more than what our crippled education system taught us to be. The world out there is remarkably and phenomenally by getting tutored at Mindvalley, thus fulfilling our happy, joy lives.

Grooming yourself is the best gift to oneself? Right? So, here comes an educational institute, Mindvalley which aims at providing online courses, software, and several programs that can transform people into the better versions of themselves that will enable them to get exposure to extraordinary lives.

Christie Marie Sheldon is the author who came up with Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance. A one of a kind personal development programme which will help your mind to eliminate all the abundant energy blocks that are hindering you from developing the attributes required to have a successful and balanced lifestyle.

This program will help you in transforming from a negative mindset to a positive mindset. It will also help you in continuous growth towards your career.

This program helps you gain opportunities in your life, build relationships, and clears all the self-doubts and motivates you to do better in career, wealth, relationships, and love.

Mindvalley brings out an amazing program that deals with the financial planning of an individual through which a person can use all his abilities to balance his financial status.

Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Review

About Mindvalley

Mindvalley is about “thinking beyond limitless”. It’s all about creating a positive impact in the world. Surrounding yourself with positive energy which will help you find the pathway towards success. The Founder of Mindvalley is Vishen Lakhiani.

Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Review

Mindvalley is the current growing platform with 12 million students from 80 different countries. We take this moment to enhance the educational system which was left behind ages in the greed of this corporate world.

Mindvalley aims at spreading humanity, peace, life(which actually need to be lived rather than working as robots).

Mindvalley provides you the best teachers as it believes the more effective the lessons be, the more efficient the students become. As Mindvalley aims at best individuals’ contributions to the world.

Why Choose Mindvalley?

It provides an online platform that offers courses like personal growth and development, self-improvement, etc. The lectures are delivered by experts. Dedication is its top priority that goes well from physical fitness to mental peace.

Mental calmness, fitness, and workout, psychology are only a few of the aspects that are being covered. Its framework is designed to be worked in such a manner that will provide the fullest zeal and potential to a healthy body and a sound mind.

Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Review

They also provide a helping hand in expressing amusement, gay, and contentment.

What kind of people will Benefit from Mindvalley Academy?

MindValley Academy has been made for a wide spectrum of people as well as situations. The people who would enjoy this the most are likely ones who are:

  • Seeking to boost their performance
  • Seeking to boost their relationships
  • Interested in using nontraditional spiritual remedies to help overcome situations
  • and, striving to boost their professional results

The last few months got you all psyched-up when it comes to planning the future aspirations–be it health-related but specifically wealth?

Do you often find yourself in existence-questioning moments where one feels as if they are not being awarded and paid for what you are genuinely worth?

Trapped in a shell of societal neglect and searching for means to showcase the mettle you can offer and gain some sort of validation?

Well, then if you find any of these relatable–be to it any extent–then you are just in the right place and the timing couldn’t have been any better.

What you have been experiencing, unfortunately–particularly in times as grave as these–is called ‘Abundance Blocks’.

Abundance blocks are nothing but energetic blueprints existing within us that affect our attitude and perception of wealth and money in general.

As explained further by Master Energy Healer Christie Marie Sheldon, they are found 24 in number, and besides the fact that an average human being possesses 10 of these unique blocks, even one of them could single-handedly derail our lives.

But this is exactly where Christie and Unlimited Abundance comes into rescue and help. She, along with her team will guide you through each and every step and help get rid of all the unwanted energies as you search for a way out of this tangled jungle of thoughts.

Getting rid of the blocks- once and for all

Much like how they are caused, the blocks cannot be removed unless facilitated by an external ally or help. Be it the surroundings, the people, or a tiny bit of yourself—the broth will turn out delicious or spoilt only with the collective contribution of its ingredients.

Even after putting up an attitude all adamant to achieve greater heights in life, the clients are often found running back to their original state of distress and grief. Thus the need for help and hence Christie’s walk-in into the scene.

Complimenting to what they always say, the problem does lie in the roots and thus the need to revisit them every now and then. This source is what is termed as Abundance Frequency.

Join hands with Christie in her Masterclass, access some of the best resources out there, and explore various techniques to progressively clear off those unwanted blockages from your core- the Abundance Frequency.

The program and it’s “syllabus”

The very curriculum of this course is structured and designed in a personalized one-to-one session manner and offers services that can be taken up at the customer’s very own pace.

Apart from a face-to-face meeting with Christie herself at the beginning of this course, the primary means of teaching and communication will be informative, custom-recorded audio files.

However, to start off the session, the client must participate in a questionnaire with Christie, which will examine the particular block that requires instant tweaking and start off with the same. Work on other Abundance Blocks will continue as prioritized.

Regarding the sessions, each student will be prescribed with necessary PDF files which shall cover the entire material to leading a much more up-lifted and soul-cleansing life.

This course promises you to free the soul, gain confidence from within, stay mindless of unwanted ac energies, and unleash the trapped capabilities you’ve confined within yourself.

The programme finds itself divided into planned and grouped areas of life-defining values and each group reveals a particular number of sessions. All in all, these sessions count up to 24—the total number of Abundance Blocks.

Read on our Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Review find more….

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The 24 and what exactly they are

In order to cut-out from the monotonous professional and personal lives that many of us have unfortunately been accustomed to, the company has successfully managed to divide the twenty blocks into six categories that complement their partnering blocks with synonymous nature.

Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Review

Some of them include:

Display of Resistance—the intro:

Whatever be the nature of one’s communication skills in public or private, the Resistance Abundance Block finds home in every one. So brace yourselves and calm those goosebumps as we finally fly out of the cocoon and start opening-up

Fear-related blocks:

With fear pushing and facilitating from the back, individuals often walk into situations where the next step can’t be taken unless they start overthinking about it. And thus the hushed and messed up decisions we end up taking.

Through these sessions:

  1. Throw away any feeling of Self-Doubt and make calculated decisions.
  2. Embrace Rejection and learn from those failures by overcoming the fear of the same.
  •  Let the Fear of Numbers not intimidate and manipulate you. More than those around you, let the world know how money is not life and how it is always an achievable target.
  1. By eliminating the Fear of Scarcity, acknowledge for what you have, but simultaneously also strive to a better life.
  1. Ones that live up to their parent—blocks caused by feeling of being stuck:

Being claustrophobic can always hamper the progress—be it great or null—of an individual.

Through this session:

  1. Cut down Money Zapping Decisions that unnecessarily add on to your day-to-day expenses/
  2. Rediscover your capacity and re-explore your capabilities by slicing off the Fear of Success.
  • Break the Fear of Growth by working on small, personal targets along with long-term ones as they are very important in building the momentum for future achievements.
  1. Adapt to more mind-opening exercises and activities that will eventually help you walk out of the Fear of being Stuck.

Clarity blurring blocks:

​Many times, Abundance Blocks are the sole reason responsible for pushing an individual against the wall and to a dead-end. So as to break the wall that’s literally blocked you from your dreams and aspirations, the company brings to you the following sessions.

  1. Do not have any unnecessary reservations about actions and take decisions that work in favor of all. Clear your mind of all Indecision traits.
  2. Stay away and Clear Disempowering Values imparted by negative energies around which may restrict the path of your success.
  • Clear the Clutter—the disorganized lump of thoughts in your mind and messy thoughts that have absolutely no aim. Put them down together and then work on to make something applause-worthy.
  • Clear your Future Vision and by sharpening the blurred ones and plan for what you desire, work according to what you can.
  1. Clear Blocks to Abundance by perceiving every aspect and commodity of life as a source of positive energy and peaceful harmony.

Those that scrutinize ownership and personal relations.

​No company aiding to the mental health of its clients can stress enough on how intimate relationships shared with family, partner or spouse can either make your career or even ruin your life. Some ways to walk free off toxic relations include:

  1. Irrespective of what kind of relationship you share with your close ones, understand that you also live for yourself. Thus, feel free to disconnect yourself out of relations that can spark of negativity and Clear Family Blocks.
  2. You always have a choice and no one is to blame for your mistakes. Take charge of your life and Clear yourself of the Blame -Game.
  • Shut down paths to your soul and life that may allow ill-minded people to use your vulnerable side and manipulate you. Shut down Access to your Greatest Self.
  • Make yourself feel better by things you are passionate about and for once staying unmindful of the rewards it gives you. Clear Lack of Self Worth and discover the new you.
  1. You decide on your future. Your life, your rules. Pick your challenges, clean your path off of unwanted people or commodities, and Clear the Path to your Future Self. ​

Wealth and workplace-related blocks—the finale:

​By now you must understand your worth and potential. You must realize that it is you who declare your worth and no one else. So get into the field, demand for what you are worth. To achieve that, trash the following Blocks first:

  1. Clear Profit Blocks and let go of patterns that don’t suit your working style and harm you both financially and mentally.
  2. In order to maintain financial relations, Clear Self Sabotage and work towards reconstructing misshaped relations of the past.
  • Organize your finances, ask for help if need be, and Clear off the Financial Mess.
  • Pause and Clear Financial Illusions by not fantasizing of unnecessary, but false-hope escalating Dollar dreams. Prioritize wants and needs.

In order to cut-out from the monotonous professional and personal lives that many of us have unfortunately been accustomed to, the company has successfully managed to divide the twenty blocks into six categories that complement their partnering blocks with synonymous nature.

Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Review- Pros & Cons

There is absolutely nothing in the world which is termed as “Perfect”. So, the courses offered by Mindvalley have the same advantages and disadvantages too.

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  • The content here is offered by experts, hence the quality is not being adjourned and the outstanding matter is being provided.
  • A willingness to learn and get expertise, these courses could surely lend a helping hand.
  • It does a superb job to bring all the courses of self-improvement under a single website.
  • Uniqueness is the most loved thing about these courses.
  • Delivering the best material at an affordable price with just one click away.
  • A course that will change your mind.
  • High-quality video training and events.


  • In order to digest the whole learning, one needs to spare time from their hustle-bustle and spending 30-50 minutes learning.
  • An eagerness to complete the given assignment.
  • To learn something new, one has to keep its past back and show a willingness to change oneself.
  • A suggestion of customer complaints comes with a refund policy.

FAQ’s- Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Review

How does this program function?

The program’s main focus is to eliminate all the abundant energy blocks which are present in one’s life. The session which you have chosen will make you learn about personal growth, self doubt, scarcity, fear of change and much more and show the results as you complete a session. It will take you on a spiritual journey to identify and understand yourself and develop your life.

What will I gain from this program?

The program’s sole purpose is to release all the abundant energy blocks which are stopping a person’s ideal dreams to turn into a reality. There are audio recorded programs which will guide you through the spiritual journey of one’s life and help them to rediscover their life.

Mindvalley Unlimited Program is all about channelling spiritual journey and developing a positive outlook at life while transforming a negative mindset to a positive mindset and overcoming the barriers of self doubt, self growth, family, wealth, relationship and career issues.


Conclusion- Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Review

It is a learning program that is accessible worldwide, anytime, and anywhere.

You can watch it whenever you are free and gain in-depth knowledge about rediscovering life with so many possibilities and solving all the issues where one is facing.

This program’s aim is to turn ideal dreams into a reality.

You can have the dream life you always wanted by joining this program. It helps in uplifting from relationship issues to family and wealth issues and so much more. It covers lots of information, a couple of life lessons.

Most of them you can relate it to your own. It has insightful content with a detailed course. This program will help you develop your life and change your life for the better.

This course will benefit you and it is safe to invest your time and money in this course. You won’t know it until unless you try it out on your own and see the changes in your life.

I hope you enjoyed this detailed Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Review and got value from it. Let me know if you have any queries in the comments below.

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