The Six Missing & Needed Smartphone Features

We have feature-laden smartphones today, be it flagship devices or their mid-range counterparts. But there are certain features that you always need but nobody bothers about working on them. The features that you need the most are not gimmicks like Quad HD displays but stuff that would make your life easy and will be used everyday voluntarily. We did a survey of 455 people and compiled a list of features that we think are necessary for easing everyday life:

Six Missing & Needed Smartphone Features

Spam Call

Six Missing & Needed Smartphone Features

What if someone you did not want to talk to calls you and you don’t get to know when that person called, unless you check your notifications? In today’s times when the Do Not Disturb systems can be bypassed, a feature which allows you to stop pesky callers from disturbing you and you can turn it on and off at your own free will would do wonders. Who knows you might need to call these pesky callers and want to talk to them about something that is important for you. After all, fail-safe measures are necessary too. 13.04 per cent respondents voted for this feature which we call Spam Call.

Unread SMS option

Six Missing & Needed Smartphone Features

You receive some odd 5 SMSes on an average daily, even if you are using WhatsApp or other Internet Messengers. But some of those messages are important and when you need to look at them again, you need to search through your message inbox for them. But what if you could read them and mark them as unread? That would make looking at important messages handy and your life easy. This feature, we call it Unread SMS option, had 4.35 per cent respondents gunning for it.

Text filter

Six Missing & Needed Smartphone Features

There are certain messages that you don’t ever want to read but still have to encounter, like property dealers’ messages for instance. What if your phone could block these messages from landing in your inbox on the basis of what is written in them. For sure you would thank the phone maker who brings this feature to their smartphones(s). The feature called (by us) Text Filter got the yes vote from 4.35 per cent of total respondents.

Connect call through Wifi/Bluetooth

Six Missing & Needed Smartphone Features

Why is it that we have to rely on our mobile carriers to talk to any person we want? Should this dependence not be cut down upon? What if you could call someone using Wifi and Bluetooth connections? That would have few advantages like (a) you will reduce your dependence on intercom networks at workplace or residence; (b) the connections would be faster and more reliable, reducing call drop rates and; (c) you will be able to talk for as long as you want without having to worry about racking up sky-high bills. A whopping 36.96 per cent of all respondents want their phone to have this feature. We wonder what telecom operators have to say about it.

USB Flash Drives & Dongles direct to phone 

Six Missing & Needed Smartphone Features

There is something called USB On-The-Go which enables you to connect your phone to your pendrives to expand storage. However, that is where its usability ends. Now imagine, you have your web dongle and your 3G connection is running at low speed. If your phone could connect to internet using that dongle, it would just enable you to finish your tasks faster. A downside is that 3G adoption rates would come down, but then 3G rates would also get slashed, making the high-speed network accessible to more users than ever. Among one of the most prudent features, it had 23.91 per cent respondents at its side. Time to bring down the 3G data rates, telecom operators.

Share a file with multiple smartphone-users via Bluetooth at once

Six Missing & Needed Smartphone Features

Right now, your phone can connect to only one Bluetooth device at a time. But there are times when you want to share a file with multiple users and fast. Due to Bluetooth’s limitations, you need to resort to means like e-Mail, Internet Messengers, etc. If your phone could connect to more than two devices via Bluetooth, it would just make your tasks easier and Bluetooth more useful for you than it is right now. Out of the total 455 respondents, 17.39 per cent want this feature to be packed in their phones.

What do you think about these cases? Really needed for our life? Then share your thoughts in comments. And I thank PriceBag for sharing this fabulous statics with us here. Cheers;)

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