Mobikwik Review – The Fast Growing Online Recharge Service

In this fast paced world, all of us have to often deal with many bill payments and mobile, data card or DTH recharge. While thankfully, we can do all of this today online on respective websites or apps, there is one point where it gets a little tricky. We have to pay to all these service providers separately on their websites, every time. Will our life not be so much easier if we could do all our payment through a single window? This is where Mobikwik comes handy.

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What is Mobikwik?


Mobikwik is an online wallet, that has got authorization from Reserve Bank of India as payment option, where you can store money that can be used to pay for various bill payments and utilities just like a prepaid card. Mobikwik can also be used for payment on close to 5000 merchants online. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

How to add money to Mobikwik Wallet?

Adding money to your Mobikwik wallet is a very easy and efficient process. You have the option to pay for it with Credit cards, Debit cards or Internet banking. Additionally, you can also choose to pay cash for adding money to your wallet via a doorstep collection service. However, Cash Pay is currently available in selected areas only and also only for an amount higher than Rs. 100.

How it helps you?/ How it benefits you?


Besides the obvious advantage of having a single payment option for all your recharge options and bill payments, one added benefit is that you are saved from the risk of exposing your bank account details or card details on one or the other merchant website. You have a quicker (almost instant) and hassle-free refund, in case of a failed transaction as compared to Internet banking or card payments, where it takes 2-3 weeks usually to process the refund. I use the service regularly for BSNL online recharge.

There are always two sides of a coin and we ought to be aware of both two.


  1. Easy to use interface
  2. Faster compared to competitors like Freecharge, Paytm etc
  3. No need to maintain separate accounts for all the service providers (no need to remember multiple passwords, no need to enter card detail, internet banking detail each time we are supposed to pay). Hence, saves a lot of time.
  4. No risk of exposing bank account details or credit card details.
  5. Option to save phone number so that there is no need to enter it, from next time

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  1. Interface is fine but definitely certainly not the best.
  2. Some services are not available for all regions e.g. Insurance and gas bill payments are not available for all the areas.
  3. Cash pay facility not available everywhere.
  4. No other payment option if you don’t want to use money from your Mobikwik wallet.
  5. Not much use (not path-breaking) for those who don’t have to pay multiple service providers.


Very helpful for those who have multiple payments to make. Makes payment faster and easier. Based on your monthly expenses on utilities and bill payments, deposit the lump sum money in your wallet once in the month and pay the bills and online mobile recharge. whenever you need to. Though interface could have been better but it is not bad either. It is surely better than other available online options.

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