How to Boot Many/Multi OS from Single Pendrive or CD/DVD’s

If you’re an computer operator then you need to install different Operating System in various PC or devices. By doing this, you may be messed up a lot. One of our user requested me to find a best alternative way for this case and at last I got the correct answer. This is an simple method which help you to install different OS without changing the CD drive or any sticks. In other words, you do not need to create separate CD or DVD for any OS, you can HOST many OS with the help of single USB stick. By using is you can install any OS in any vice without any issues. This hack is done by using an simple program called, XBoot.

How to Boot Many/Multi OS from Single Pendrive or any CD/DVD disk

XBoot is a multi-boot ISO USB creator that allows you to HOST multiple OS in a single USB stick or any CD’s/DVD’s. It is just like creating Boot CD’s.  Even now you can install ISO file from Windows itself . This is so crazy ah!!! Here are some tips and tricks to install many OS with one stick or CD using XBoot. Here we goes….

How to use and install XBoot ?

Step 1: First you need to Download XBoot Windows Tool.
Step 2: Now, just drag and drop the ISO files from your PC to this window tool.
Step 3: After adding all the ISO file to the window, just click Create USB or Create ISO.
Step 4: Then choose, USM option.
Step 5: Now,choose your correct USB stick from the drop down menu to create an USB Bootable device.
Step 6: Now choose the correct Bootloader and click the OK Button to start the process.
Step 7: Now with for some times, once the process finished just check it and have some fun.

Hope so, you have tried this method without any issues. If you have any problem while creating s multi-boot USB stick, then just leave a comment below.  You can use this method any ISO format files. If you liked this article, then just do some likes and share this article with your friends. If you have any other best method other than this, then please share it with us. Have some fun!!! Cheers:-)

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