My Shopping Experience with Snapdeal

There was a lot of buzz in the last month regarding the new look and the refreshment of the online shopping site Snapdeal. There are other sites too that remodeled their sites and to stay in the competition it was inevitable for the sites in the competition too to make some changes in it. So it brought some changes in the app and website and made easily access able after the design. Now the design is available for all the platforms including Android and iOS.

I was looking to buy a iPhone to buy in the last week and I have decided to search for the Snapdeal since it has gone through some changes in it. Till then I have never had the snapdeal app, but then installed the app and searched for the proper phone according to my budget. I initially was reluctant to get the app to my iPhone and decided to have a look with the intention to buy it. But when I was installing the app, I was surprised that it was of less size ie ., 7.8 MB and was pretty impressive. Then I downloaded the app and was surprised to see that it was loading fast and even the images were loading at a swift speed. I wasn’t expecting this from a site like Snapdeal as it looked very I improvised. The product discovery with the help of the app was redefined and simplified. Though I was confused initially and later it became seamless for the app with the newly added filters for the process to me.

snapdeal iphone

So, with the changes in the looks and the outlook of the site and the mobile app, a lot of developments took place thus to focus more on the customer service. This is something obviously different that we often hear from a site like Snapdeal.

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I initially explained my experience to buy a mobile in the new redesigned app Snapdeal and now I’m going to explain one more experience that I bought a Shaver and was browsing various sites online for that till I stopped at Snapdeal. I was surprised with the new look that I bought it easily as there are a lot of changes that took place in the outlook of the site. The pricing was at the low too. With all the changes that went on, I find this as the best one to buy anything online at this moment other than Snapdeal.

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