Nandyal – Travel to this Beautiful town in Easy and comfortable Ways

Nandyal is a town in Kurnool District in Andhra Pradesh. It was originally called Nandalluru. The town has nine nannies surrounding it and Nandi was the name of Lord Shivas vehicle and hence the name Nandyal. The town is a major centre of trade, commerce and industries in the region. It belongs to Rayalaseema region. It also has holy places of worship. Nandyal is said to be an important tourists spot owing to its religious significance and rich water resources. Nandyal is bounded on all sides by hills whereas the Kundu River flows to its west.

Nandyal - Travel to this Beautiful town in Easy and comfortable Ways

This city is blessed with some of the forest and mining of granite. Nandyal has been a vital pilgrimage spot on account of its nine Nandi temples. The Nine Nandi temples in Nandyal used to draw the attention of a large numbers of devotees throughout the year. The local language of Nandyal is Telugu. Nandyal Tourism is flexible for their customer.   

How to reach Nandyal?

There are many modes to reach the town. Some of the convenient ones are:


Nandyal is connected by road from almost all the parts of the state. There is direct bus between Kurnool and Nandyal. You can take State Transport Bus from Kurnool to Nandyal. Distance between Kurnool and Nandyal is 74 km. There are nearly 9 direct buses plying between Hyderabad to Nandyal. Distance between Hyderabad and Nandyal is 289 kms. There are frequent buses from Nandyal to Tirumala – Tirupati, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Kurnool, Adoni, Chittor, Anantapur and Kadapa. Also there are buses plying to parts of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu such as Bellary and Chennai. There is also a bus, which directly goes to Tirumala – Tirupati.  


Nandyal has a railway station that is connected to Vijayawada, Guntakal, Bangalore, Howrah, Goa, Anantapur, and Hubli. There are no direct trains between Hyderabad and Nandyal. It is best to take Venkatadri Express from Hyderabad to Kurnool then take another express from Kurnool to Nandyal. There is a direct train between Bangalore and Nandyal and it is best to take that if you are traveling from Bangalore or anywhere close by. You can take Konda veedu Express from Bangalore to Nandyal. The Distance between Bangalore and Nandyal is 395 km. The most preferred company is Nandyal Tourism 


There are no direct flights to Nandyal town as there is no airport but you can get a flight to Begumpet airport, which is in Hyderabad, which is only 277 km away from Nandyal town, which can be travelled by road or Rail.  

One must visit the Nine Nandis in Nandyal. Mahanandhi is the famous one out of the nine. Surrounding Mahanandhi, 8 other temples of Nandis are present. The temple at Ahobilam, dedicated to Lord Narasimha is very famous in this region and is situated in a scenic forest, which is a two hours drive from Nandyal. Nandyal is also very well known because of its lentil crops. Nandyal is a must visit place if you are in Andhra Pradesh. It is very simple for the tourist to figure out how to reach Nandyal.

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