4 Tips Not to be Followed while Promoting Blog Posts

Promoting the blog is an big task for all new bloggers. But the experts are doing it in correct way, even though their blog content is short and not good. So this case shows us, content is important for other ranking things but not on promoting side. Many blogger are blogging as part-time & full-time. The full time bloggers might have enough time to share their blog post once it was published. But this not possible among part-time bloggers. While promoting your blog post you need to follow some statics and techniques. So this post is gonna to tell you what is good to follow and not to follow while promoting your blog post after publishing.


As everyone know how to write great Blog unique content, the only thing to be considered is promoting them. While promoting your posts, you consider only the promoting method and not the content posts. Its only depends on how you promote it? If you didn’t properly promote it then the whole content may get low popularity but your regular visitor may apprecitate your works. Do you wanna to follow the same promoting statics like before for this time too? Hope you won’t !

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So for the four years, I gained more experience on blogging I had great conversion with big bloggers too and I got many advices from them too. So this article may be the tips from pro bloggers on Promoting blog posts. Getting good impression may not going to help you out in getting more popularity and the aim you deserved it. So you can mark on my words, check out this 5+ tips to be not practiced while promoting your blog posts.

Tips Not to be Followed while Promoting Blog Posts

#1 Tip :- Sharing Posts on Social Networking sites and sitting back..

Every blogger uses Social media as their promoting tool they are taking much advantage over it. Sharing your blog post here is fine, but you need to do something after you’ve shared it. If you don’t you may not get loyal readers for you blog and the search engine may show your blog in low populated result page. Sometime by leaving your blog link on social media sites, it may looks like you’re spamming social media algorithms. So this case may leave you in certain problems.

Instead of sharing the link with any description, you can share it by leaving a short snippet about the content/article for 1-2 lines by shortening the post link. If you share in this manner you would can get some better impression over the readers and try to stay updated with the readers who follows your profile, groups, pages.

By analyzing their activities you can write some article based on their liked topics. So if you share the content related to their loved niche then they would feel happy and comfortable to visit your blog again & again. Be thankful and respond to them! So before you share anything, be confident on it.

#2 Tip :- Responding to your Readers…

The more you responding to your loyal readers is the best way to grow your connection between you and visitors. People who are responding to your posts by sharing, liking and commenting on your blog are so great! They are allocating some time to leave their thoughts & opinions about your post in comments. So you need to respect their time by responding to their comment. If they questioned any thing you need to answer them or if they facing some problem try to solve it. This can create some impression over your works and they may think ” you’ve got somethink about this topic” like so. So kindly respond to all our loyal visitors as quick as possible.

If they are just leaving comments with a thanks, you need to compose a reply as welcome and regards for it. These things can make them to share your blog on social media networking websites. So learn how to communicate with your readers. You can Google it out for finding help on this case!

#3 Tip :- Commitmentss for readers

I found on many sites that they are rewarding some points for the visitors and other readers commitments for their readers. This can trade to promote more blog links in it. So please understand, people won’t quickly read your articles for unless things such rewards, popcorn or anything else which are so simple to deserve it.

If they find such cases like this, then people may open your link and close it soon. This may leads to less pageviews and increase in bounce rate for your site. So leave this bullshit and try to solve this case.

#4 Tip :- Leaving comments with your link

This is the best and the worst way to build backlinks for all bloggers. I’m encourgaing you to drop comments with your links but try to add some good message about the post with your name, email and your webpage. This can prevent your blog from spam category. If you don’t do like this, you blog may be moved to spam libary by the website admin and finaly your blog may be noticed by Google algorithms and you have to pay some buck badly. So try to leave comments with all your details.

I prefer everyone to comment on the sites which have commentluv commenting system enable websites. This can prevent this from all these bad things.

Wrapping up

What do you think about these strategies? Fine will all? If you find that I’ve missed up anything here then drop them in comments. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in comments below too! Do likes and share your thoughts by dropping them below. Cheers;)

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