Which One Is Better? Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware?

In a perfect world, there will be no viruses and no diseases. Therefore, no one would ever get sick. But, a little nasty is that viruses do exist in nature. Prevention looks a pretty good idea to save yourself from the danger of getting infected.

For people, the solutionsare established. But, for the computer systems, it is obviously not clear. The computer nasties can be hidden in links, in downloaded files and even pop up some advertisements that you do not want. Therefore, you need some software to protect your system.

Most of the internet marketing companies try to advertise their products for system protection as ‘anti-malware’ or ‘anti-virus.’Malware is just some software that is Mal,or Bad and virus is also another name for bad things. You are quite familiar with these two terms.

Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware?


Malware is a  type of program that needs the anti-malware for its treatment. It gets itself installed on your system and causes adverse effects. Either it hijacks something or may make your system slower, locking up files, constant advertisements, etc.

Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware?

Anti-malware is l is completely up to date and follow the new trends only. So, the software that the anti-malware companies makeare for the new type of internet threatening attacks to your system.

Before getting a reliable fix, the created files live in the system for months, potentially compromising the security of files depending upon the security. So, they do not care about the older viruses like the teenager daughter. Probably, by that time, the anti-virus functions would have them covered.


The virus can also do the same damage as the malware, but it also multiplies. Therefore, the threat is bigger than malware. So, they also need anti-viruses for their treatment.

Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware?

The anti-virus is like your dad who takes a lot of time to accept the new music. It means that they are effective for the classic type of malware or the things that it mostly came across. So, it can catch the trendier type of malware. It analyses all your files, be it a program file, .etc. If that file as the potential to execute some code againsta list of signature files then it is athreat to the file. It is then removed by the anti-virus.

Anti-Virus versus Anti-Malware

You might think that the answer would be both. But, it is never recommended for the use of two security systems simultaneously affects the performance. It can slow down your PC and even cause conflict in the scan function of both security programs.

The trick is to run an anti-virus that serves as ‘catch all’ and have an, on demand, an anti-malware program that you can run for scanning periodically or when you see a change in your computer.

How to determine which security program to use?

If both, anti-virus and anti-malware, detect adifferent type of malfunctions then choosing one that best suits your scenario becomes difficult. You must do your research at the time of getting it. Check out the latest reports on the effectiveness of the various software in the market. They are changing relative to each other, all the time.

Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware?

Ther are a lot of options available on the internet that provide free services on trial basis, such as download Bitdefender which is a malware security system and know how effectively it works. Also, the free anti-virus trail services are available on theinternet. You can search and try them to make the selection process a bit easier.

There is a lot of information and services related to the anti-virus and anti-malware out there. Proper evaluation and research can help you find out the best option.

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