How online shopping works & How Click Fraud Happen – Detailed Case study..!!

Buying and selling online has become an important part of our lives. Starting from students to parents, vendors, everyone rely on the internet to get their requirements like books and other accomodities. These online stores make the customers feel comfort while shopping online like without pressuring the person with a salesperson, anyone can open the online shopping website in today’s time because it’s very easy to build, you can use WordPress to build your e-com site, you can buy order management software to manage the order and you can use Google AdWords to promote your products and website.

Online Shopping

Businesses and customers have seen the online sales as the cheap and convenient way to do shopping. At the same time, since it is something related to accessing the internet, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages with shopping online. Let us learn more about this!

How Does Online Buying Work?

Shopping online is simply like going to the store. There will be the ability to buy the things right from sitting home and accessing mobile. As there will be more options available for you, you can get the best one among the available.

Finding desired Product

When you want to shop online, you just have to start it by searching for the desired product. The online websites and companies will list the products with the pictures and leave a small description about the product. They will list the price available for the products they have for sale. Websites like Amazon and Jabong make it possible the availability of the products display and build their own online stores for a good transaction free. Some websites like Jabong make the shopping much easy with the availibilty of the coupons like Jabong Coupons that can give the discount for the prodcuts you buy. These coupons helps the customers to get the products for less price. These websites will have a good customer support to help at anytime.

Buying and Receiving the Product

Now after finding and selecting the product  you want, any website will have a checkout option in it. So when you check out for that, you will be given a list of shipping and payment options. The shipping options include the standard and expedited and overnight shipping. Usually it takes 21 days at a maximum to deliver the product and for the minimum, it takes 6 business days. You can buy the product on sites like Jabong with the help of the Jabong coupons and that provides many offers to you when buying the products online, you can get discount coupons then you should visit, here is the screen shot of PriceBurp.

Price Burp

There are different options for purchase.

E-Check: This is useful to pay directly through your bank. You need to fill the account details to buy the product. Once the payment is done, the payment is directly truncated form the bank.

Credit Card: You can provide the details of your credit card instead of swiping it. The requirement information includes the credit card number, expiry date, type of card, and the security number for verification.

Payment Vendors: There are many payment processing companies like PayPal that provide payment exchange services. These services allow the users to transfer the amount safely without sharing financial information. Before making payments here, you have make an account by providing the details required.

Advantages of Online Trading
There are many benefits from buying and selling online such as,

Convenience: One can do shopping and buy everything they need very conveniently.

Cost Savings: Shopping online always saves the cost for you unlike shopping online charges that charges extra. Time also can be saved here.

Variety: With the unlimited shelf space, it is more likely to offer more choices when you are buying the things online.

Disadvantages of Online Trading

Apart from the advantages, there are certain disadvantages too.

Vendor Fraud: You gotta be careful with the vendor while making payments. After buying a product, there are chances that you may get the wrong product or you may not get the product at all.

Protecting Yourself While Shopping Online: Protecting you personal information is very important more than buying the products. Here I’m mentioning some tips to take care while shopping online.

Be Careful:

In online shopping, vendors don’t have right to ask the information related to your financial ssecurity In case, it asks for your social security number, it might be a scam. You must exit the site as soon as you come to know the site is a fraud. It is not safe to download any links from the site since they may contain virus that can harm your computer.

Inforgraphic on Online shopping BY (invesp via GetElastic)

Google has a trigger for catching click fraudsters when you are using paid adverts to grow your visibility online.

Infographic by Website Promoter.


Shopping online is very convenient, but you always got to be very careful in order to protect yourself. If you find a deal fruity and if you won’t feel fully secured there, then you have leave the site immediately and go for some other site as there is no scarcity for the sites to shop onine. Make sure that your computer is completely protected precisely when doing online transaction where you might click on unknown links.

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