What Google’s Optimizing AdSense Online Course has Taught me?

When I was in great eager to learn more about Google Adsense, I’ve done many  searching  for finding a best resource for it! While it happens, last month Google announced their first Adsense Online Course for Publishers to optimize their ads and to grow their revenue. And I registered it and yesterday I received a mail from Adsense Team that “Your Course materials are ready”. I was so happy to hear this awesome news from the Adsense team. And so I started my first Online Course with Google about Optimization Adsense for Publishers. I’ve learnt many new things which can be implemented in our daily blogging life. As all the information given there are very useful to me, I thought it would useful for you too guys. So I decided to Share the matter which I learnt from Optimization Adsense Online Course.

Google's Optimizing AdSense Online Course

Adsense team has made each topic with awesome explanation with Videos and Texts. The completed the full course with 3 Main units. They can listed as

  • About CPM and CPC
  • About CTR, Placing Your Ads and Designing your Ads.
  • Lastly, about the Impressions

The First Unit – CPC and CPM

Point 1: They made the learner to understand fully about the CPC and CPM with their main roles in Advertising field. And by giving brief explain about these things, they explain How its works and how to calculate the right value for them with your blog statics. They give brief explanation about the topic with relevant examples.

Google's Optimizing AdSense Online Course

Point 2:   The second part briefs about Choosing Ad Types for your blogs and websites. What types of Ad units are available in default and they spread the main importance of Text ads and Display ads. They also taught about the benefits of adding text ads and display ads with examples.

Point 3:   Selecting Ad units for better revenue and impression. We should determine that our ads on our blogs & websites are standard! We’ve check their performance regularly. And they also taught about the newly launched Large Ad units and they compared it the old, mobile sized ad units with benefits. Finally they gave a better idea about selecting ad units for my blog.

Point 4:  This part “Allowing & Blocking Ads” is really interesting to me and so helpful.  They explained about Locating blocked and allowed ads with the settings added Adsense UI. Then they explained about the advantage and disadvantage while blocking ad in categories. They also recommended me to use Publisher Toolbar, Ad Review centers, URL blocking for these case.

Google's Optimizing AdSense Online Course

Point 5: About Custom Channels and they explained how to create your own custom channel using ICS. They also explained about combing ads for particular groups with examples. At last they taught me about making my custom channel into a targetable ad placement area in my blog.

Point 6: The final lesson in this unit is about Adsense Experiments. They called this as A/B Test and Experiment for testing for ad units.  They explained about setting up experiments ad units by customizing with different styles, sizes, colors and to compare with them. As last for each experiment the result will be added to your notification within 24 hours. You can choose the topper with score that they got. Then the whole unit was completed with a small activity.

The Second Unit – CTR, Ad Placements  & Customizing your Ads

Point 1:   An complete explanation of the CTR with its significance.  They also taught me to calculate the CTR for my blog by using formula. For example, CTR =? Clicks / 1000 Views x 100%.This formula help you to find your CTR for your blog too. Just try it and share your thoughts in comments!

Google's Optimizing AdSense Online Course

Point 2:   This unit explains about Improving & Ad Placing Location on your blog. The teaching helped me to note the user behaviors. They also taught me to learn more about the low-engagement ad location & high engagement ad zones.

Point 3:   They taught me about the common policy for placing ad units. It includes the problem arise while you’re not following the policy while placing ads on your site. This is great information got from this tutorial.

Google's Optimizing AdSense Online Course

Point 4: This part explains about designing the ad units with same matching color with your content. It includes the ad style too which should meet your content style to gain more impression and more revenue. They has give three techniques for customizing our ad units before placing in our blogs. And more about the location and placement with clean examples make me to understand better!

Third Unit – Impressions

Point 1: This unit makes me to understand about the role of impression and what is impression? They also helped me to know about how they are used in increasing my Adsense revenue using ad impressions on my blog.

Google's Optimizing AdSense Online Course

Point 2: It explains about the ecosystem present in Adsense and the contributors for it. They are the advertisers, publishers and the visitors. They all have same role in the GDN process. It also explains about what the term GDN defines? Next thing is about the Adsense Auction. These are new to me so this unit is so useful when comparing to other chapters.

Point 3: The aim of this unit is about Targeting the Ad unit. They proposed three techniques/types for targeting our ads in our blog to increase our revenue.  They also taught me about the Crawlers work and the Robot denied work with well explained manner.

Google's Optimizing AdSense Online Course

Point 4: This unit explain fully about the Coverage of Ads. The coverage includes Impression, Page views, location and Ad request. They taught me how many ads can I add up in my blog? And they help me to know about increasing the ad coverage which will be resulting in more revenue for publishers

Point 5: Here is an awesome tips about Increasing Blog Speed by using online tools. I came to know about testing my Blog speed using online tool available for free. And I learnt to improve my page SEO using Insight, Optimizer and many online tools and to improve my blog speed to user friendly. They taught me about the Bouncing problems due to the page loading speed is low.

Google's Optimizing AdSense Online Course

Point 6: This unit explains whole thing about Crawler Errors and Rejected ad requests. The taught me how to overcome these issues and more information about the problem rises in Adsense. Then I finished this unit with an activity.

At last after finishing my online course they redirected to the Final Assessment page where I found lots of questions. I need to answer them and answered many questions correctly and I’ve passed the online course by scoring more than 80%. They also granted me with a Certificate for completing this online course. This thing makes me so happy!

You can also make your course online on Optimization of Adsense for free.

Final Words

I got more new information and gained experience than before. Now, I’m an Optimized Adsense User which was a award given by Google. Thanks for it! The one and only thing I learnt from this online course is To Work Hard with Unique and Creative Thoughts! Cheers:)

Share your Thoughts in comments!

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