Oxigen Wallet “Give Selfishly” Offer

We all live in modern age and all the stuff these days has been digitalized, whether it be buying your favorite clothes or getting a house on rent.  If you need to pay your mobile bills or electricity bills then you had to go to the recharge shop or the electric department’s office to do so. But since we are living in a modern world we can do the stuff easily by just few clicks on internet using Oxigen Wallet! Now many of you might be known to Oxigen wallet but those who are not, stick to the post till the end and you will get to know each and everything about it! And even those who know what is it, stick to the end of this post to get something awesome!

Oxigen Wallet

What is Oxigen Wallet?

Oxigen Wallet is a new and easier way to pay for your mobile recharges, bills or even buy stuff! It is just like your normal debit card but much easier to use and faster than that traditional debit card!

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How does it work?

Since I told you it is just like debit card, it even works like debit card! You add money in it and spend that money wherever you want!

Is it Safe?

Yes it is 100% safe and there is no risk in using Oxigen Mobile Wallet, it has been certified by RBI and uses security channels which are of bank standards! This means you are totally safe and secure! So go ahead right now!

Give Selfishly Contest!

Now this is that awesome thing which I was talking about, by the name you might have got an idea that this is a contest but I think the name might have even confused you! Okay, let me explain, Give Selfishly is a contest which is being run by Oxigen Wallet in which if you send 1 Re to any of your friend, you will win a prize! Isn’t that amazing? I hope you might have got to know that why this name has been chosen.

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How to participate?

Participating in this contest is really easy, all you need to do is to make an Oxigen wallet account and after that download Oxigen app on your device. Once you do so, it is time to send money to your friends, family or even enemies! And once you send Re 1 to them, you stand a chance to win Royal Enfield, iPhone 6, Titan Watches which are worth 10k, Cashback upto Rs. 100 and many other things!

This means that you are on a win-win situation! But the prizes won’t be given to everyone and it all depends on our luck! Yeah, you can say that this is like a lottery system but this time, the ticket costs just Re 1!

So now it is time for you to try your hands on how lucky you are and win few prizes! And at the same time you will witness awesome services by Oxigen Wallet too!

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