10 Best Places to Find Paid Blogging Jobs Online

If you’re writing articles only for you blog, its time to change! You can look for a paid blogging jobs. These blogging jobs are just like you work on your own blog as writing content on various niches. On your blog the revenue will depends on your web traffic and lots of things apart from traffic. But on Paid Blogging Job you will be rewarded with some bucks for each post you write for the clients. Only thing, finding the clients is not much easier like finding local jobs. So we depends on some informer tool where you should find blogger jobs. By the way, this post is gonna to share some Best websites to to find Blogger Jobs for you!


These site offers many jobs and they look for the writer who write great content which should be SEO Optimized too. The pay per post mostly for around 300-500 words with some rate of $5 to $50 per post by depending your content. Some jobs may also have ad revenue sharing system like Shoutmeloud, Allindiaroundup, etc., If you go for revenue sharing system, your earning will be based on traffic of the client sites and it will mostly fit for young sites. So I prefer to try both the method to earn more paid post. If you are an Job Seeker then this post can guide you better!


Okay! I stop blubbering and stepping straight to the Top place to find Paid Blogging Jobs. Lets check it out and best wishes for earning more from it!

#1 Problogger

Problogger is the a popular marketing place for publisher as well as for Bloggers too! It was serving the bloggers with several tips and the methods to make money from blogs in simple methods. They have taught many bloggers how to start the blog and what to do for becoming professional blogger and to develop blogging skill. As the followers are huge in number they started to offer this service for bloggers to get benefited.

Here users are allowed to post paid jobs for $50 and its the best place to attract more freelancers and more clients for finding best paid blogging jobs. [Link]

#2 Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing jobs is also a well know site for finding blogging jobs. The best part here is, they don’t accept any low-laying jobs. So you can find only high rich blogging jobs, it makes the freelancer to feel great on their work. All you need is to just click the Writing Gigs and find job related to your talent and start writing.

Its the best place to find writing jobs and other jobs like content management, review writing and more. Here the users are also offered with freelance writing tips to write quality article for the clients. [Link]

#3 Elance

Here posting jobs is free of cost. You can find paid jobs by clicking Find Work tab and find a job related to your work and get started to work on it. Elance is the biggest marketplace for freelancer on various types. The best part is, here you can find jobs on various category from Data entry to designing to programming to writing to app development and more. New jobs will be share daily. [Link]

#4 Performancing

For finding jobs navigate to Blogger Jobs forum. Then click on Forum and scroll down to find Blogger Jobs in the forum page and continue with your work. Here posting jobs is totally free. This is an community for blogger with a forum for sharing blogging jobs. Performancing is the biggest blogger community where you can find many bloggers from around the world. The best part here will be its listing feature. Every week the job forum get around 5 listings on jobs regularly. [Link]

#5 Authority Blogger Forums

As the name implies, this is also a blogger forum founded by Chris Garrett. Here you can find jobs with your own listed need, offers and others. This online tool helps the users to write better content for their blogs and for the clients. Publishing a job here is simple and free. [Link]

#6 Media Bistro

Go to Media Bistro and click on the Jobs found in the main menu and find a job for you. Here there are more opportunities for Online and other media sectors too. So if you’re interested on it find some jobs there too! Its the largest portal for those who are willing to work in content editing field and management.

So here you can find jobs on various content industry such as online media, writers, editor, producers and more. Most of the clients here you found will be from magazines and from newspaper services. They will post various jobs for their service here. And the only drawback will be here is, for posting a job you need to spend $279. [Link]

#7 Freelance Switch

#8 Poe War

#9 Writer’s Weekly

#10 Craigslist

And the next big thing to find paid blogger jobs is by using Social networking sites and with Google. With Google you can make search for your own preferred jobs with its search tools. So that Google can understand your needs and shows the results as per your requirements. With social media you can go for their job sharing groups. So some Facebook groups are offering this service. If you like to help others, then go to Facebook and create an Group for sharing Paid Blogging Jobs and share the paid jobs with others. These things can make better to find better part-time jobs easily!

Hope this article made everyone to know something about Paid Blogging Jobs. If you feel that I’ve missed anythings, then drop them in comments. Do shares your thoughts and put some likes for this post if you feel its an innovative post! Happy Earnings;) Cheers:)

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