How to Protect your Blogger Blogs with Password

If you’ve any idea on protecting your website from spammers and other things then you can find many ways to execute it. But in Blogger and in WordPress blogs you can’t find such inbuilt features. The only main purpose for enabling this feature on blogs is to prevent the blog from spammers, clickers and from other foe’s.
Blogger password
Sometimes you may blog about your personal life things or it may be your personal blog. Then you should or will try to make it safe from other peoples. Do you? Here I’m just mean the best way to prevent your blog from unauthorized access. If you’re searching for this case then you may get right solution for it from here.
How to Protect your Blogger Blogs with Password

Now I’m here to share another awesome tweak for blogger users. This post will help you to add a password to your blogger blogs. In other words to protect your blogger or wordpress blogs with password. So briefly, if you add this tweak to your blog then, the person who entering your blog will be shown a password prompt dialog box. So for entering the site he should enter the correct password that will be choosed by you or admin. Till he types the correct password he can’t enter the blog. So the contents will be hidded for the strangers. This makes so simple that, only the person who knows the password can access your blog. Cool!

How to Protect your Blogger Blogs with Password

Do you wanna to try this on your blog? Then check out the remaining section of this post added below and make you blog protected with password. Lets rock n roll,

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What this script will do?

#1 Give Password Protect to your desired blog.
#2 You can redirect to any website with a password protect.
#3 Prevent Unauthorized access to your blog.
#4 Protect your blog from spammers and clickers.
#5 And more…

How to create Password Protected Blog’s

Step 1: Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Template >> Edit HTML.

Step 2: Then search for the </body> tag on your template & add below code just above/before it.

var password = ‘Your-Password
password=prompt(‘Please enter the password to enter this site:’,”);
if (password != ‘Your-Password‘) {

Step 3: After adding the script, click the Save Template and check your blog, its working?

How to Add Password and Link

To add Password just replace ” Your-Password ” and to add your desired URL to redirect it after entering the password replace ” Your-Redirect-Url ” with your website URL. That’s it! Don’t forget to save it again after making changes to the script.

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Hope you execute this on your blog.  This script can be added to wordpress blogs too. If you’ve any issues or quries then drop them in comments below. Don’t forget to share to you thoughts in comments below. Do likes and share this post with your friends too and make them feel excited! Happy blogging;)

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