How To Protect Your PDF Files with Password

PDF, is the most known file format used for various purpose like sharing and for reading documents. Adobe came up with the PDF file first. PDF files are so easy to use. Due to this reason, PDF files are so popular. It’s very easy to create and to read PDF files by using any of the PDF editor. These types of PDF reader or editor are available for free. The luckiest thing about these PDF readers is that most of the PDF tools are available for free. You just need to spend time to read and to edit your PDF files.

How To Protect Your PDF Files with Password

Anyway, you will have some private PDF files in your system. But, protecting your PDF files is not so easy. If you want to protect your PDF file with password then you have to spend some money for buying some software like Adobe Acrobat. but, nowadays you can get the best alternative for Adobe’s Acrobat software, which can do the same work for you.

You can protect your PDF files with password online. Now, today we’re here with an awesome method to use option of password protecting your PDF files for free. If you use this method then you don’t need to buy any software. But, for using this method you need Internet connection. If you have so then that will do better.

How To Protect Your PDF Files with Password

You can find many online tools which are helpful in various things. Likewise, in this case PDFProtect is a online tool which help you to protect your PDF files with password. This is an awesome site with a cloud based service. So, you don’t need to install any apps to get your work done sucessfully. Here now in this tutorial, I’ll show you how to protect your PDF file with password using PDFProtect online.

Password Protect Your PDF file Online

Step 1: Go to PDFProtect and select your desired PDF file and Upload it.

Step 2: Then enter the password with which you want to protect the PDF file.

How To Protect Your PDF Files with Password

Step 3: Now choose either High or Low encryption option which you like. High means more secure, but the file can’t be opened with oldest readers. And the Low option means compatible with all the older readers.

Step 4: After choosing your protection level, click on the Protect option. After some times you’ll get the option to download the protected PDF file.

That’s it! Hope you like this article. Kindly share this tutorial with your friends. Did you like this free Online service? If you have any better alternative for this tool, then leave it in comments below. Cheers:)

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