PhotoMath the App to Solve your Maths Problems using Camera

It would be great, if this awesome app was released during my high school days 😛 Because this app can help you out solving the tough maths problems easily with the help of your mobile camera. After using PhotoMath app I got these thoughts in my mind, hope you will get too! I just downloaded this app and thought this is waste of time, but after using this one I was so excited! So as Photomath help me a lot, I liked to share with you guys too! This post is gonna to share this maths apps with you guys. If you wanna to share something such as Facebook Status and WhatsApp Status then don’t waste time on it. Try this app out and build your knowledge better!

solve maths problem using mobile camera

What is PhotoMath?

PhotoMath is an great app which reads and solves the tough maths expressions by using mobile camera in real time. This app may help you to solve maths problems so simple. It will also educate the app users to solve that problem with steps. Got my point? This app can solve Arithmetic expressions, Fractions and decimals, Powers and roots, simple linear equations and soon it will be updated.

Available for?

PhotoMath is now readily available for Windows Phone and for iOS. The only drawback is for Android devices it is excepted to be released next upcoming year (2015). The best part is, users can use PhotoMath app for free of cost. PhotoMath is from the creator of MicroBlink which is based on PhotoPay. Take a photo of cost with your mobile camera and the price for it will be zapped from your bank account and it will be used for foot the bill. This system was introduced to 14 banks in Europe region.

This points out the innovation idea of MicroBlink applications while looking over other messaging apps like WhatsApp, Kik Messenger and more. So we should add this app works just with printed equations and it will be the best way to solve maths problems step by step.  Some people won’t understand mathematics can make use of PhotoMath. This will be the dream become for those who don’t understand and feeling much better things to do with their time and to solve maths equations.

Hope PhotoMath can also be used in PC like WhatsApp for PC using emulators. Lets wait up for the release of PhotoMath for Android devices.

How to Solve Maths Problem using Mobile Camera?

Visit the PhotoMath official page and download the app for your device. Then install it on your device and run it. Now open it and start capturing the maths equation using your phone camera and wait for few seconds. That’s it!

Here I show you a video which describes you about the app in action. So kindly check it out,

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  1. PhotoMath is an great app which reads and solves the tough maths expressions by using mobile camera in real time. Nice post 🙂


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